my son is being bullied by the sick


Complaint the shock of Elena Santarelli, who speaks of the harsh attacks received by his son James during his illness.


Elena Santarelli he found, finally, the serenity with her husband and her children. James, his eldest son, is healed from the terrible disease that had hit, and now the family Santarelli and Corradi can live in a more relaxed way.

The months in the hospital, to see his son fight for lifewere heartbreaking, challenging and emotionally and physically for her as well: it is true that mothers know how to find the force everywhere, never stop fighting, never give up, however the period that has just ended was not at all easy for Elena and her family.

The complaint of Elena


Now the Santarelli has chosen to open up even more and has chosen “The interview” by Maurizio Costanzo broadcast on Channel 5 as a “place” is most suitable to receive his confession.

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When he was sick, James was being bullied – Cala the frost and the tears streamed down her face – I want to talk about it, so maybe some parents teach their children how to relate to children who have physical and mental problems

said the show – girl, clearly alluding to a fact that incrsdioso come to her child, who is only 10 years, he has fought, and won, the battle against cancer.


According to the tales made by a showgirl, who is also the president of an association that works to raise funds for the sick children with cancer, his son James was attacked verbally by a child and teased because without the hair. As we well know, that was the period in which the baby was doing chemotherapy. Luckily, “I have received the apologies of the parents,” he admitted.

The Santarelli and her husband, Bernardo Corradi won’t forget never that terrible time: “It is something that I will carry always inside. But it is not only the pain of my son, is all the pain that I’ve seen so many other families. It is devastating in many points of view,” says crying, “I don’t know how many people attend the mortuaries of the hospitals of paediatrics”, he adds and concludes: “for me this has been the experience for me has just frozen”.



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