“My story with AS Monaco started in the summer camp”

To honor their presence in large numbers in the outdoors, asmonaco.com is continuing its series dedicated to supporting the Rouge et Blanc. For this fourth episode of the season, meet Brigitte, a resident of Champagne-Ardenne and ardent supporter of the club.

Even though she lives near Reims, the only red and white team that Brigitte has ever supported is AS Monaco. For 43 years now, the woman who discovered the Principality Club during summer camp has never let go. With her Munegu 51 retinue, she travels throughout France to support the Rocher Club, come rain or snow. So before the fascinating meeting against Reims, go and find this 52-year-old secretary, who is a big fan of Jean-Luc Ettori. Portrait ✍️

Hello Brigitte. How did your love for AS Monaco begin?

It all started in 1980. At that time, I was in summer camp with my brother. To keep the children engaged in these types of places, we organize activities and we found ourselves playing football matches. I was in a team called “AS Monaco”, and my brother was in the opposite team called “FC Nantes”.

The last time I went there was last season for a match against Marseille, and that is the most important memory for me. There is an emotional flavor to it, because it has been 35 years since I was last here.

BrigitteSupporter of AS Monaco for 43 years

Well, I don’t remember the end result (laughs), but it all started from there. When we returned home, we started watching Stade 2 shows every Sunday, my brother became a fan of the Canaries, and I of the Rouge et Blanc. It was a war between us, we would always see which club was ahead of the other and this has been going on for 43 years.

What are your best memories with the club?

I have many, but the best is the win against Real Madrid in the Champions League during the 2003-2004 season, opposite Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham. This was during the Didier Deschamps era with Morientes, Giuli and company. I also remember the 9-0 win against Bordeaux in 1986, it marked me because such a score had yet to be scored in Division 1 and against the Girondins.

Have you ever been to Stade Louis-II? If yes, what are your memories of your time at Riyasat?

Absolutely ! When I first came, I was very young, it was still the time of the old Stade Louis-II. I was on holiday with my parents on the Côte d’Azur, but unfortunately I don’t have many memories of it. I returned there some time later in 1987 for Monaco-Toulouse, where we won 5-1.

Later, I didn’t really have time to go back to the south, and the last time I went there was last season for a match against Marseille. This is the most important memory for me, it has an emotional flavor, because it has been 35 years since I last passed away. It’s not always easy when you’re working.

Of all the players to wear the red and white tunic, who has made an impression on you?

(Without hesitation) My first crush was Jean-Luc Ettori! I’m a fan of goalkeepers, and he was the first one I knew at AS Monaco. He made a big impression on me because he had a very long career and he is also the record holder for matches played with AS Monaco. Later, there were obviously others, and in other positions such as Manuel Amoros, Daniel Bravo or even Bruno Bellone.

This later continued with the English duo Mark Hateley-Glenn Hoddle, then Emmanuel Petit Gang, Ludovic Giuly, David Trezeguet and Jérôme Rothen. And in the recent period, I really liked Radamel Falcao, but my favorite was Bernardo Silva, a real little nugget, this player! Even after he left, I keep an eye on his performances, I love the way he plays.

I keep all my match tickets (laughs), I keep them in an envelope. I also have two jerseys, and a precious photo that a Monegasque friend gave me: a signed photo of Danijel Subasic, because I’m a fan of goalkeepers, it was incredible to get it.

BrigitteSupporter of AS Monaco for over 40 years

You give your club a voice by being part of a group of supporters, regardless of distance. when did you start ?

Yes, I am part of Munegu 51, I am the secretary of the association. We currently have 70 members, and we organize a lot of trips in the north and east of France, but the philosophy of the group is: “If we like travelling, we do it”. For example, I left with our President to support the Monegasques in Bordeaux.

We traveled for 24 hours! We try to organize as many people as possible and we succeed in doing many things. We are proud to follow our team everywhere and always. When we know there are Monegasque supporters in the United States too, we can vote even more!

Since all this time, have you had a collection dedicated to AS Monaco?

I keep all my match tickets (laughs), they are stored in an envelope. I also have two jerseys, and a precious photo that a Monegasque friend gave me: a signed photo of Danijel Subasic, because I’m a fan of goalkeepers, it was incredible to get it. Also, I have a small collection of scarves, hats… It’s not very big, but I like it.

Will you be at Reims this Saturday and what is your prediction?

Of course I will be there. It’s impossible to leave Reims, I would have to be really sick not to go. It’s 45 minutes from my house, so I’m going to visit Auguste-Delaunay. As for my predictions, I give this almost every time: 3-1 to AS Monaco, which is a score I feel good about.

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