Mylène Farmer and her producer-manager Thierry Suc, a strong relationship for 35 years

The first concert he organized? Véronique Sanson, in 1981. Nice move for this 20-year-old business school student, quickly spotted by Claude Wild, a key producer at the time in charge of France Gall, Michel Berger, Michel Jonasz and Eddy Mitchell.

The next to trust Thierry Suc, it will be Jean-Jacques Goldman, just crowned with the success of the album When the music is goodseduced by his audacity.

After having taken a financial slap in wanting to mount Bowie’s shows in several French cities, this worker’s son will meet who will change his destiny, in 1988: Mylène Farmer.

“He told me : ‘‘I would like to accompany you’. I instinctively answered yes, a thousand times yes. And since nothing separates us. (…) He is an epicurean, a unique man, a producer of rare honesty. He is first and foremost my friend. assured the singer in The echoes in 2019.

“We never disagree”

On the phone, Thierry Suc is on the same wavelength. “It’s like a relationship, something strong. From the first time she went on stage to today, it has been very strong, magical. I am still amazed by her today. It’s really rare, this loyalty, this complementarity that we both have. When she asked me in 1990 to become her manager, I thought it was very risky to have both hats. But they never oppose each other, we move forward together, I often act as a mirror for her. We never disagree. We draw a line and move forward together.”

When Mylène Farmer agreed to be on the Cannes Film Festival jury in 2021, she made Thierry Suc her “+ 1” and took him to all screenings. When music and business are put on hold, they are left with other things to talk about.

“We can go on a trip and spend long moments talking about our relationship with animals, the last series we saw, painting, the last restaurants we discovered, or life”lists the producer, whose company TS3 joined the giant Fimalac’s galaxy in 2015.

Calogero, Zazie, Étienne Daho, Yannick Noah, MC Solaar, Michel Sardou or even Juliette Gréco. AT 61 years old, Thierry Suc managed the tours of a swarm of heavyweights. He is still amazed by the involvement of Mylène Farmer.

“She is very, very, very committed. I don’t think there is a corporation that she doesn’t follow. Except, perhaps, the implementation of security (laughs). She loves it, actually. What she enjoys is putting together all these pieces of a puzzle that will become a show, of which she will be the centerpiece.

World War One ? Mystery

And him in all this? “My role is to do a bit of cement, to allow a balance between the 270 people who work on the show. And to say:vsa, we will get there, that, no”.

Landing in Nice with 90 semi-trailers in the wake of The Weeknd’s double date last week was no easy task.

This made things a little more difficult. The teams have been amazing. Because for us, everything really comes down to three hours.”

The Nice stage was to be the last stop for Nevermore – “Never again” in English and a reference to the poem The crowby Edgar Allan Poe -, before the announcement of the postponement of the two dates at the Stade de France and the addition of a third concert, in September-October 2024. Time to say goodbye, for good?

As Mylène said herself in an interview last winter, she has trouble projecting herself. Right now, we’re on this tour. Is this the last or not? I do not know. It’s possible”sums up Thierry Suc, a man not very fond of nostalgia.

“After each show, when Mylène and I are in the car, we think it was even crazier than the date before. I like that idea.”

“It’s quite ordinary. We arrived the day before, we have breakfast. Around 2-5 p.m., we head to the stadium. Then the sound check arrives. Afterwards, we enter another phase, with less movement around Mylène. We move on to rituals, preparation, make-up, hair. This moment when Mylène becomes the star Mylène Farmer, who goes to meet an audience who has been waiting for her for so long. Me , I don’t see her anymore from a certain moment, around 5 p.m. If there is a need, I can enter her dressing room, of course. But in general, I have a lot of work on my side , everyone is in their part. It’s her moment, I like to leave it to her. In her dressing room, there are things that she installs, photos that touch her, objects donated by people in her family or friends.”

Nathalie Delepine.

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