MyPPK. A website for participants of Employee Capital Plans has been launched

2022-01-03 19:33

2022-01-03 19:33

MyPPK.  A website for participants of Employee Capital Plans has been launched
MyPPK.  A website for participants of Employee Capital Plans has been launched
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At the beginning of 2022, the MojePPK service was launched for participants of Employee Capital Plans (PPK) – the Polish Development Fund announced on Monday. You can, among others, get access to data on funds accumulated in the program.

After logging in, which can be done using a trusted profile or an account on the website, the participant gains access to data on funds accumulated in the program, as well as detailed information about the PPK accounts held.

The announcement stated that 2.28 million people have so far used the possibility of saving in PPK, who have already collected a total of PLN 7.64 billion of assets.

“The MojePPK service is a breakthrough step in the implementation of Employee Capital Plans, which makes it easier for the employee to see how his capital grows for the future. Until now, only about 22% of program participants logged in to their accounts. The ability to quickly check the status of their savings in one place. and confirmation of specific, measurable profits will strengthen the belief that PPK participants are worth being in the program “- said the president of PFR Portal PPK, Robert Zapotoczny, quoted in the announcement.

As PFR informed, the portal is only informative and does not allow for placing orders related to savings. On the MojePPK website, users will find information about the owned PPK accounts, including the names of employers and financial institutions managing PPK in given companies.

It was added that in the details of each account it is possible to check the current value of accumulated funds and the amount of payments made, broken down into payments by the employee, employer and state subsidies. The website also contains information on withdrawals or refunds from the account, if any. It also allows you to generate a report with a summary of account data and a summary of all funds collected in the PPK.

MojePPK service is available in Polish, English and Ukrainian.

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