Mysterious recording with the participation of Artur Szpilka. This could be a sensation

Artur Szpilka appeared in the ring for the last time in May this year at the KBN 15 gala in Rzeszów. The competitor from Wieliczka in the fight for the WBC International belt of the bridger category lost to Łukasz Różański, despite the fact that he was the first to knock his opponent on the boards. “I have a big question mark in my head, especially after talking to a neurologist. You wonder about all this, and someone else tells you that all these knockouts, hits are irreversible effects” – said Szpilka in an interview for “Przegląd Sportowy” .

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Artur Szpilka honestly: There is a problem. The head lets me know

Artur Szpilka was featured in the Gromdy spot. This is the announcement of a barefoot fight?

Gromda’s official profile has published a mysterious recording before the seventh edition of the gala, which will take place on December 10 this year. Artur Szpilka and his dog Pumba took part in the spot (you can see the video HERE). “Don’t forget where you come from. What made you. You have two ways in life. You can be someone. Or you can be nobody. Don’t forget about it” – we read in the description. Szpilka had previously dealt with street fights, which may be a harbinger of Szpilka’s fight at the seventh Gromda gala.

Artur Szpilka was able to fight barefoot much earlier. During the Gromda Beach gala, the boxer admitted that he can compete in the MMA formula if the organizers pay him a lot of money and Patryk “Żołkieta” Ryta will win the gala. In the end, Ryta did not make the semi-final fight with Nikodem “Nikos” Chilewski because his eye was clearly swollen. The boxer promoter Andrzej Wasilewski admitted that the fights in FAME MMA are also a realistic scenario.

In recent days, there have been speculations that Artur Szpilka could face Krzysztof “Diablo” Włodarczyk, but Krzysztof Głowacki, a friend of “Szpila”, reported disturbing news in an interview with “Super Express”. “Honestly, I wouldn’t like to see this fight. For now, when I’m talking to Artur, he doesn’t want to come back to the ring at all. If he doesn’t really feel it, and says he doesn’t feel it, then he shouldn’t come back, because why? It makes no sense “- said Głowacki.

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