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Mysterious double tragedy in Lido di Camaiore, in Versilia, where two men were found dead at sea not far from each other

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A double tragedy with mysterious outlines took place in Versilia on Thursday 11 August. In the Lido di Camaiorein the province of Lucca, were found in the sea at a short distance from each other and in the same period of time the lifeless bodies of two men. In both cases it was the lifeguard who raised the alarm.

Two deaths at sea in Versilia: investigations underway

The victims would be two men of about 60 years. It is not yet clear whether the events are connected: one body was found near the shoreline, while the other farther from the shore.

What was suspicious was the short distance of the findings, both in terms of space and time. Being examined by the investigators possible connections between the two 60-year-olds. There would be no trace of their personal effects.

As reported by ‘Today’, the investigations so far have made it clear that none of the victims were customers of the establishments that arise in that stretch of beach. According to ‘Fanpage’, however, someone reported seeing them together in a bar.

In any case, it is not excluded that for one common tragic fatality both died in the same place and around the same time due to an illness.

The sighting of the first victim

According to what was reported by ‘La Nazione’ at the time of the first sighting of the man at sea he was still alive. A lifeguard noticed it in the evening.

After realizing that he was in trouble in the waves, he jumped into the sea in an attempt to save him. For the 60-year-old however there was nothing to be done.

The resuscitation maneuvers were also useless after the immediate intervention of the 118, arrived in Lido di Camaiore together with the police, the Coast Guard.

The discovery of the second body

Shortly after the first tragedy was noticed another body in the same stretch of sea. The same rescue worker who had rescued the other victim sounded the alarm.

His attention had been drawn to a passing canoeist, who had started screaming after he had noticed a man floating just under the water.

Dragged ashore, rescue operations were immediately started with the help of a defibrillator. Even then, however, it was too late.


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