Mystery involving Brian and the Sun is described

In addition, the success of the first fast and the furious has a lot of nostalgia value for many people.

The film was starring VIN Diesel and Paul Walker when they were in the beginning of his career.

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The characters of Diesel and Walker, Dominic Toretto and Brian O’conner, started as rivals, but that quickly changed.

After you defeat the opponent, in General, Sun and Brian competed in the race at the end of fast and furious.

Gift destroyed his car after crossing the finish line, but instead of arresting the man behind bars, from the very beginning, Brian gave him the keys to the Supra, and allowed him to release him from my arms.

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Brian said that he was Sun “car in 10 seconds” the previous race, but it was a decision that the fans fast and furious never understood each other very well.

The solution to Brian to leave the House escape was so confusing that the producers felt the need to explain.

4 in the fast and the furious, MIA Toretto (Jordana Brewster), he asked why Brian decided to leave the Sun to flee, and he realized that he wasn’t sure.

He later explained that he respects the Gift more than himself, and turned the moral code of man.

Probably this was due to the guilt that Brian felt because of his involvement in the events that led to the death of Jesse (Chad Lindberg), a close friend, a Gift for the first fast and furious.

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It became clear to Brian from the beginning that friends and family mean everything to Gift, and I wanted to read this idea, helping.

Along the series the fast and the furious, the Gift, and Brian became closer and closer, as Diesel and Walker, and in real life.

It was a shock to everyone when Walker died in a car accident in 2013 when recording fast and furious 7 is still occurring.

His role in the film was completed with the help of two of his brothers as stuntmen and digital effects, which led in court interesting.

Brian still lives in the universe, fast and furious, and suggested that he might return to the series, including the straight end, using the same techniques used in fast and furious 7.

9 fast and furious will arrive in theaters in April 2021.

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