Na Kracu swiat “- description and review of the film. Is it worth watching?

No plays is going to do a sequel to a great movie. Art is to make the continuation better than the first part. Was it successful in this case?


Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World – movie description

MoviePirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World was supposed to be the big finale of the series. The creators made every effort to ensure that each of the three parts had its own individual style. However, all these styles and themes were to form one monumental whole, which was to be the third installment. The goal was one. At the edge of the world it had to delight the viewer. No plays is going to do a sequel to a great movie. The arts will lead to the fact that the continuation turns out to be better than the beginning of the series. Was it successful in this case?

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At one time, a rumor was born that the film was made without a script. Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott have confirmed it at times, suggesting that it gives the actors more freedom. Sometimes they denied these words, assuring that there were many versions and one missing that could be accepted by all at the same time. Whatever the case, they did their job brilliantly. They managed to construct an intricate plot full of unexpected turns and plots in which absurdity intersects with pure logic, causing the viewer to be quite embarrassed.

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Although the production has a risky time dimension, because it lasts 168 minutes, it is coherent, fast and is gradually heading towards a great finale. The action does not allow the viewer to rest. Obviously, this is due to the cycle director, Gore Verbinski. Verbinski fulfilled his task very well, creating an all-time tense work in which the dark atmosphere was pierced by a pleasant dose of humor. Pirates of the Caribbean a really good movie.

Gore does not spare the actors, forces them to many impressive feats, at the same time presenting a revolution in their personality. In line with the original idea At the edge of the world it is different from the previous parts. More dark, mysterious, unpredictable and suspenseful.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World – cast and production

When pirate pie starts, we already know it won’t be easy. In addition to the brilliant performance of Johnny Depp, great compliments to Geoffrey Rush, Captain Barbossa, and Yun-Fat Chow, who plays the pirate Sao Feng. It is the confrontation of these three extraordinary personalities that broadcasts Pirates … their unique atmosphere.

Rush shows a slightly different face of Barbossa this time. In addition to the already familiar cunning, dishonesty and extreme selfishness, he skillfully incorporates a note of humor and irony. He presents the captain to us, thinking only of his own interests, a scoundrel who is familiar with passion and passion. Geoffrey’s talent makes the instilled in us hatred for his character slowly turn into sympathy. Only now is it revealed how much Sparrow and Barbossa resemble each other.

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Yun-Fat Chow has done his job just as well. Forged an exotic pirate alien to any scruples. It arouses the viewer’s respect. It is incalculable. On the one hand, she scares, and on the other, she amuses. Keira Knightley plays correctly, as befits an Oscar nominee. However, it does not bring anything extraordinary to the production. It shows good physical fitness, but nothing more than that. There is no commitment, he seems to be trying, but what does not work out. There is a pirate in it.

Unfortunately William Turner Jr. all he can offer us is quite good looks. Orlando Bloom, dressed as a corsair, doesn’t even have the hint of a sea wolf. He gives the impression that he is not entirely sure who he is going to play.

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Pirates of the Caribbean is a real show of Johnny Depp’s acting skills, and it is not known today that the actor is a genius. The figure of Jacek Sparrow, that is, on the one hand, selfish, unpredictable and eternally improvising bastards, and on the other hand, a romantic pirate full of passion and passion, who is no stranger to human suffering, seems extremely close to Depp. Johnny puts himself into Sparrow because nothing else is needed. It creates an unforgettable image, complemented by a brilliant facial expression and gestures, as well as a very nice way of moving.

It is also impossible to miss Keith Richards in the role of Teague Sparrow, Jack’s daddy. Although the singer was reportedly drunk all the time on the set, he fulfilled his task well and is an interesting episode.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World – Movie Review

A huge part of the production budget was spent on special effects and scenography. It was worth it. Rossio and Elliot wanted a pirate movie, but there was more. They wanted to include in it an element so far unknown, that is the legends and myths of corsairs, their deities and monsters. This was only possible thanks to computer animation. The specialists did not disappoint. We have an extraordinary picture of Singapore, a Black Perch on the sea of ​​dunes, an impressive construction of a pirate fortress in Shipwreck Bay, and finally the culminating moment of a great sea battle.

Nothing to add, nothing to do. The whole picture is completed with great photos and music, supported by the good styling of actors and costumes, known to us from the previous parts. And while Captain Sparrow and the company face Shrek, Spider-Man and Harry competing for success, success seems to be bricked. Despite many fears, the movie turned out to be brilliant. Implementers every mutter about the fourth part. Jack Sparrow and Barbossa have already made their way to the fountain of Eternal Bravery. We only have to wait. Overall rating of the film: 5

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