Nails for summer: leaves that Selena Gomez inspire the color for your next manicure

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You decide which shades to choose from!

26 May 2020

You’re waiting for the appointment at the salon to give your nails from phase 2? You will not see the time to hear you say: choose a color. Better to get prepared and decide first on which nuance point, for this reason, we have asked for help Selena Gomez, the undisputed queen of the nails trendbut also easy to wear in everyday life. Every time we are surprised with shades of enamel fresh, cool and all you want to copy, for this we went on the account Instagram of the nail artist of confidence of the pop stars, Tom Bachick. Between the manicure that she created for the singer of “Boyfriend” we found a lot of inspirations: a palette that goes fromblue, passing by the tones oforange up to glittera rainbow irresistible. We are confident that you will find the nuance right to usher in your first manicure of the summer.

From blue, to electric blue

From orange up to nude

From optical white to pearly

From glitter to crystals, 3d

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