Nails in the style of aristocrats? We know the manicures of Princess Kate, Meghan Markle and Lady Di! What are their favorite varnishes?

Theoretically, being a member of the royal family, you can’t go crazy when it comes to manicure. And yet! Princess Diana and Meghan Markle broke the rules of strict etiquette. Unlike Princess Kate, who consistently focuses on discreet elegance. What varnishes do aristocrat use and what do they choose for their manicure? We reveal their secrets.

You surely know perfectly well what nail polish Queen Elizabeth II uses. The lifestyle media have written about it hundreds of times. The more that everyone can afford it. This is a popular brand product that is probably available in every drugstore. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it has been a bestseller for years. Queen Elizabeth’s favorite nail polish in the world sells every half a minute! Somehow you don’t know what’s going on? We don’t keep you in suspense. I’m talking about Essie nail polish in a shade of milky pink – Ballet Slippers (ballet shoes), which hides only after applying the third layer, otherwise it is semi-transparent – and that’s it! The cosmetic costs just over PLN 30 and is available, among others in Superpharm or Rossmann.

It is said that it was this nail polish Meghan Markle had on her nails on her wedding day with Prince Harry. Perhaps because the future Duchess of Sussex – in accordance with the rules of the strict royal dress code – decided on a wedding manicure in a subdued light pink color. Recently, however, we managed to find out that she did not use one varnish, but two. More specifically, the varnish Unmaskedwhich she used as a base and a shade of varnish Negligee – both come from the CND Shellac brand offer and, like Essie varnishes, are easily available in Poland (you can even buy them online). However, they are a bit more expensive – you have to pay over PLN 60 for one. It’s still not enough, considering that we end up with a royal manicure, isn’t it?

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Meghan Markle went crazy anyway, considering what manicure Princess Kate had chosen on her wedding day. Miss Middleton, entering the royal family, presented her nails in the version sauté. Almost. She made sure that the nails were briefly filed (that’s what she likes best), and she applied a colorless top coat (with a natural shine) to the nail plate. She also wears such nails on a daily basis. Unless, following in the footsteps of her husband’s grandmother, she also uses Essie’s varnish. This is a royal classic, and as you know, Kate is famous for her love for her.

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Princess Kate’s daily manicure / photo: Getty Images

Unlike Meghan Markle, as well as the late mother of her husband, who has repeatedly rebelled and broken the rules of the royal dress code (not only when it comes to painting nails). Meghan dared to do it, being pregnant with Archie – then she painted her nails black. Lady Di, on the other hand, had a weakness for fiery red. And – against the rules – she regularly bet on it.

photo: Getty Images

photo: Getty Images

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