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Nannythe psychological horror proposed by Prime Video, is much more than a horror film: it reflects on themes related to the female condition of a young black woman grappling with an American dream to realize.

Arrives December 16 on Prime Videos the film Nanny, a psychological horror film directed by writer-director Nikyatu Jusu starring actresses Anna Diop and Michelle Monaghan. The film tells the story of Aisha, an undocumented nanny who works for a wealthy couple in New York. As she prepares for the arrival of the son she left behind in West Africa, a violent presence invades her reality, threatening that idea of ​​the American dream that she is painstakingly trying to achieve.

The plot of the movie Nanny

The story of the Prime Video movie Nanny revolves around the role of social expectations and differences related to skin color demonstrating how often the search for a dignified life can turn into suffering and tragedy. Aisha, originally from Senegal, is a nanny trying to raise the money needed to bring her child to the United States, which she left behind in her home country. Her dream is to be able to give him a better life. However, to make it concrete there are many obstacles for her.

Aicha works in the employ of a wealthy New York couple, Amy (Michelle Monaghan) and Adam (Morgan Spector). They have hired her to raise their daughter Rose while the two, a mother almost completely absent and a father busy with his work as a journalist and photographer, devote themselves to their private needs. Aicha tries to do the best of her, she is aware of how important work is to her and she would never do anything to lose it. Hers is the situation in which many immigrants find themselves, who agree to be exploited only because they have no other options before them.

Gradually, however, a rather disturbing truth emerges. Aicha is often visited by entities that do not belong to our world.

Prime Video Nanny movie poster.
The Prime Video movie poster Nanny.

Between positivity and negativity

New York City is filled with working women, mostly black, who push strollers, feed fussy kids, and carry them from side to side to keep up with their music or dance lessons. These women are indispensable to families, but it is a pity that they are like ghosts, invisible to everyone’s eyes. The film Prime Video starts from this assumption Nanny to stage the story of Aicha, a Senegalese who takes care of little Rose in the Big Apple just to raise enough money to get her son Lamine from Africa.

“It was my mother’s story that gave me the idea for the film,” explained the director Nikyatu Jusu. “In her life, she had many housekeeping jobs but she was a woman who had personal goals and dreams that she had to sacrifice for her American dream of hers.”

“The pass to the United States for many immigrants is the housework of wealthy copies,” added the actress Alice Diop. “My mother was also an immigrant like Aisha and she has been working as a domestic worker for more than twenty years. Maybe that’s why I put all of myself into her character. Nannythe Prime Video film, is a psychological horror and certain horrors are in many ways part of our lineage: our ancestors lived them ”.

And it is no coincidence that the evil forces – Mami Wata and the spider Anansi – present in Nanny, a Prime Video film presented at Sundance, are all connected in some way to African diasporic traditions, on which the director drew. “I wanted to portray the alienation that arises when it seems like you’re being spoken to from another world and no one else can see or hear what’s going on,” Jusu specified. “And all while you are aware that you are not crazy”. The only two to whom the protagonist tells her visions of her are Malik (Sinqua Walls), a doorman with whom she has a budding romance, and his grandmother (Leslie Uggams), who knows the supernatural world well. They have the task of making her understand which side to stand between negativity and positivity.

But, beyond the American dream and horror folklore, the Prime Video movie Nanny it also talks about motherhood and femininity. Amy, little Rose’s mother, doesn’t pay Aicha what she should and she often forgets to do it too. Perhaps because she is somehow jealous of the relationship that has been created between her little daughter Rose and her nanny, a circumstance that makes the working relationship increasingly frayed and problematic.

“Both Aicha and Amy have to come to terms with being women and mothers,” said actress Michelle Monaghan. “They need to balance work and private life and both need the other to survive what’s going on outside the walls of that New York house.”

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