Naomi Campbell celebrates her 50th birthday with photos of his first job as a model

There are many supermodels that marked a milestone at the beginning of the 90’s: Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Elle McPherson, Tyra Banks, or Kate Moss (among others). However, Naomi Campbell it is one of the great pioneers, as was discovered when she was only 15 years old, and his first works date back to the year 1987. Jobs that the model is especially proud and that no doubt you remember every two-by-three. This time, on the occasion of his 50 birthday. And is that, although she herself confessed that it was not easy to start to perform your profession, there is no doubt that it has achieved its purpose and that also is a reason for celebration.

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“Where it all began”comments on the model on this photo. Photo attributed to the iconic Steven Meisel, photographer who took his first steps as a professional. The proclaimed style icon in various installments of international awards, has a history as long and worked as a model to many are the celebrities of the industry have applauded his attack of nostalgia in the social networks. His companion, Linda Evangelista, have filled the comments section of heart. The designer Marc Jacobs has written the word “PARADISE” as well, in case. He has also received the congratulations from other big fashion brands such as Vera Wang or Donna Karan. But, in reality, the germ of the modeling coming from further afield for the afrobritánica the world’s most popular.

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With this other photo, Naomi Campbell remembered his ‘I’ to the three years. And is that the model tends to open up much to their fansboth at the time of to reveal emotions and fears like when you get about to get nostalgic with old photos, early works or moments iconic experienced in the industry of fashion and beauty. In addition to this photo, Naomi climbed a where appears practically new born, and underneath it, he wrote: “Thanks, mom, for giving me life. I love you”.

However, not all has been happiness and success – Just as she herself remembered on the 33rd anniversary of his career as a model, “they said it would only last 11 years, but today I am celebrating 33 years in the fashion business! I feel so blessed and grateful to God… I never thought that there would be a day in which even would convey that message on social networks!”. Along those lines, Naomi, placing a photo of the same work of Steven Meisel with which today celebrated its 50th birthday.

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