Naomi Scott: film, Aladdin and makeup

THEthe world is his. Perhaps this sentence will remind you of the refrain of a famous Disney cartoon – Aladdin -, but it is also the most suitable phrase to describe the rapid rise in the star system of Naomi Scott29 years old.

Born in London from English father and Ugandan mother – both pastors at Bridge Church, Redbridge – but with Indian ancestors who bequeathed her one beautifully amber complexionthe actress is experiencing her moment of glory.

Thanks to her parents’ profession, Naomi Scott grew up «singing in church. I grew up with gospel music from a young age,” he told theHuffington Post in March 2017. The passion for musictherefore, preceded that of acting: before launching into an acting career, she released two EPs, invisible division (2014) e Promises (2016).

Naomi Scott in 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (GettyImages)

Naomi Scott’s love for music

When he writes a song, «words give shape to ideas and i feel satisfied. I like being in the studio recording, diving into emotions and turning them into music,” revealed the (in this case) singer.

But if we talk about happiness«then there is nothing comparable to ai live concerts. The audience that gives you back something intimate and private like a song you created and sings it loud again… That return, that energy: there is nothing better».

Naomi Scott at the 2022 Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles. (GettyImages)

The same goes for the theatre: «The stage is a special place. You can be wrong five times on set. On stage you have only one chance. But if it’s okay…», and those ellipses say it all.

The best time to write his songs is at night, when «I have too many things flying through my head. They may not blossom into anything but I have to get up and put them down. No iPhones, just pen and paper. The few times I haven’t done it, I’ve regretted it: you’ve flown away forever».

Naomi Scott’s career

After starting her career in music, Naomi Scott slowly approaches the acting. «The interest in cinema developed later, accompanied above all by thelove for soccer», he said, «to which a film that is a real contributed female pride poster and sporting redemption».

The movie he’s talking about is a classic: Dreaming of Beckhams. “When I saw that film, it seemed to me that it spoke directly to me. Was an Indian girl in England he wanted play football. Only later did I realize have more acting talent».

The first major role of the actress is in a television series, life bitesin 2009, and then move on to the TV movie Disney Lemonade Moutha teen movie that rides the wave of High School Musicals.

Naomi Scott, Princess Jasmine of Aladdin

After starring in the television series Terranovain the 2017 plays Kimberly Hart in the film Power Rangers. In 2019, however, the turning point in his life takes place. And here the claim “The world belongs to him” returns again, because the actress gets the lead role in the live action remake Of Aladdindirected by Guy Ritchie. Naomi Scott, in fact, is the strong-willed and beautiful princess Jasmine.

In the movie, Will Smith wears the clothes of Genius, who had the power to grant three wishes of anyone who possessed the magic lamp. «Have worked with Will Smith», for her, was the greatest emotion. “Every time I meet him it seems surreal to me. It’s unique. My brother is a big fan of him, I brought them together ».

Guy Ritchie and the cast of Aladdin: Will Smith, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud in 2019. (GettyImages)

Like everyone, she grew up with i Disney animated film: «Aladdin it has always been one of my favourites. It is a rich history of action, comedy, magic and love. She has some overwhelming sounds to say the least. A amazing world».

As she said, for her it was «a real honor to be able to interpret the songs of one of the Disney Princesses who I love most and in which I most identify. Jasmine, like me, is a girl independent, ironic and tenacious».

The soundtrack of Aladdin

The soundtrack of Aladdin was composed by Alan Menkeneight times Oscar Prize. In the film there are new versions of the original songs written by Menken and several Academy Award winners: the lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and the composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Guy Ritchie, director of the film, entrusted her with the song Speechlessthe unreleased live action song, a veritable feminist anthem. Jasmine, in fact, complains of having to suffer the decisions of Jafar or of Sultanand wants to take flight in a way free and independent.

Below, the song Speechless.

Naomi Scott e Charlie’s Angel

That same year, Naomi Scott makes another “coup”: gets the role of a of the three protagonists of Charlie’s Angels. Next to her, too Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska.

And she loves those beautiful girls, «the spies par excellence. Mom watched the original and loved Farrah Fawcett with that crazy hair that didn’t even move in a boat with the wind. I had the film in my heart with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu».

And she dreamed of being Dylan/Drew, the «tough supercool. I grew up with American action films, when I played with my brother I was always a CIA agent or a spy».

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska at the 2019 Charlie’s Angels photocall in London. (GettyImages)

It was an honor for her to play Charlie’s Angels “for a new generation, a fresh film, with a woman in chargetwo colleagues that I respect, in the role of a character by no means perfect, a nerd who aspires to become a spy».

With her colleagues «there was a lot of collaboration. Kristen (Stewart) is very niceit makes me laugh, Ella (Balinska) is as impressive as she is agile and athletic. I was total awe».

For her, being a Charlie’s Angels means «wanting to make the world a better place».

Indian origins

An American franchise has certainly not made her forget her Indian origins, deeply rooted in her. “I had an Indian nanny who I told Hindi fairy tales. They all had a moral, it was my favorite moment of the day », she explained.

“I feel proudly british down to the bone but at the same time they are also something else. I often talk about it with friends. Ours is a second generation world grew up in a multicultural society.

Naomi Scott at the Burberry 2019 fashion show. (Getty Images)

This is why he loves his country so much, «for this hybrid atmosphere. Growing up, I felt like reconnect with those other parts of me. It’s an interesting process, in the search for my identity. My husband is English of Jamaican descent and understands me perfectly. I unconditionally love my city, London.” In fact, he never considered the idea of ​​”moving to Los Angeles.”

Also in regards to food it has a evident dualism: «My two favorite dishes reflect the two sides of me. Roast potatoes which is the quintessence of the English table and my mother’s dahl with eggplant curry. I am very proud of the goose I prepared for Christmas, with lots of spices, the first not burned after countless attempts.

Naomi Scott, the movies of 2022

This year Naomi Scott appeared in the Netflix series Anatomy of a Scandal, based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan. The series, created by David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson, sees among the protagonists Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery.

The plot: James Whitehouse (actor Rupert Friend) is a handsome Member of Parliament married to Sophie (actress Sienna Miller), his college sweetheart, mother, and devoted wife. She would appear to be one perfect relationshipand it is, until he starts an extramarital affair with his young colleague Olivia Lytton (our Naomi Scott). At one point, his mistress accuses him of rapeand his castle of lies begins to collapse.

Naomi Scott, face of Chloé

In addition to music and cinema, for Naomi Scott there is also the world of beauty: the actress is chosen to be the face of the fragrance Chloé Nomade Natural Eau de Parfuma vegan Eau de Parfum and 100% of natural origin without artificial colors.

“I have it very sensitive skin», declared the English actress «and the new Chloé perfume he is vegan and composed with 100 percent flavorings of natural origin. With naturally derived alcohol and water. Something I can wear knowing it’s not there nothing toxic to my skin».

Naomi Scott’s daily life

And when he’s not on the set or on the covers of magazines? On the way he says he receives «lots of weird looks from the kids. In their eyes I read the confusion because in my daily life i’m not glamorous at all but comfortable. They stare at me and go from the “I think I know this one here” look to the perplexed “How is it possible that Princess Jasmine rides without her tiger? And who stole her beautiful clothes?”

Sometimes a little girl approaches her to tell her that Jasmine «is her heroine, that she loves my songs. It also happens with thirty-year-olds, they tell me they saw the film with her boyfriend. It’s nice to realize that, even in the context of a Disney film, there was a connection between womenthat Jasmine made her mark because she is independent, rebellious, the true leader of the couple».

Angelina Jolie, from 90s rebel icon to glam reference

Angelina Jolie, from 90s rebel icon to glam reference

The private life of Naomi Scott

Yes, but let’s talk about another couple, the one that forms in life with Jordan Spencesince 2010, a footballer who now plays for Ipswich Town and since 2014 her husband.

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Naomi Scott and husband Jordan Spence in 2022. (GettyImages)

And here Naomi Scott is no longer a Disney heroine, but a romantic one: «I’ve always dreamed of marrying him. I was very young, I was only 21, but it is a really great man». Jasmine has found the prince of hers.


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