Naomi Watts Admits to Never Overcoming an Overdose That Victimized Her Father When She Was 7

“With that, you lose a part of yourself,” reflected the 52-year-old actress in a new interview

Naomi Watts talked about how the heroin overdose that her father, Peter, suffered in her childhood had a profound impact on her life.

Peter Watts was a roadie and a sound engineer for the band Pink Floyd. He divorced Naomi’s mother, Miv, when the actress was four years old and died three years later, in 1976.

The star vented about the tragedy in a new interview with the international press, according to the Daily Mail newspaper. “Having lost my very young father, I think this is a story that I know well; I’m still recovering at the age of 52,” he said.

Actress Naomi Watts (Photo: Getty Images)

The British explained that she ends up bringing her own emotional issues to her work as an actress and film producer, and admitted that she sometimes feels embarrassed for being emotional when talking about her father.

“With that, you lose a part of yourself … You feel like you’re not fully formed, in a way,” she reflected.

Actress Naomi Watts with her mother, Myfanwy Roberts (Photo: Getty Images)

In a 2017 interview with The Guardian, Naomi ended up crying as she admired a photo of her father alongside Pink Floyd members – a record given to her by a fan of the band. “You have to understand, I have about three pictures of my father, and maybe two memories. And all his photos are out of focus or have him as a tiny particle in the background, ”she said at the time.

Oscar-nominated twice – once for ‘The Impossible’ (2012) and once for ’21 Grams ‘(2003), Naomi Watts is confirmed in the cast of three productions scheduled for release in 2021:’ This Is the Night ‘,’ Boss Level ‘and’ The Burning Season ‘. She was also announced as one of the stars of the prequel to the ‘Game of Thrones’ series.


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