Naples, crowds for Conte: “Income? Meloni and Renzi make war on the poor. Welfare system present in Western countries”

Crowd bath a Naples for the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte which met hundreds of citizens and militants. The situation in Ukrainethe dear bills and the defense of Basic income these are the main topics discussed by the former prime minister on a visit to the Sanità district. “Net of the drama on the referendum I am very worried, we are moving towards one military escalation and the conflict risks assuming ever larger and uncontrollable proportions. I was an easy prophet – said Conte – but it is clear that this Washington strategy that finds the convinced support of Letta and Meloni who are already with the helmets on their heads can lead us to a very high risk perspective. I would like to ask whoever has embraced this strategy now how to get out of it. It is Putin’s fault, of course – he concludes – but it is important to understand how to get out of it ”.

A very heartfelt theme in Naples on Basic incomedefined ‘exchange vote’ by some political forces. “It is a ridiculous accusation because we are talking about a social protection system that exists in all Western countries, we have introduced it late. Actually I am surprised that Meloni, Renzi and others have signed this one war against the poor – says Conte – they who earn 500 euros a day and even in Parliament a rule was recently voted, in the middle of the electoral campaign, in Naples they say ‘non ten’n scuorn’ (they are not ashamed, ed), which raises the salary of state leaders, which is already 10 thousand euros net. Forza Italia, Italia Viva and the Democratic Party voted for it. And then they make war on those who take 500 euros a month to survive ”.


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