“Naples like my Rome”

The Naples after yesterday’s success against i Rangers in Glasgow has moved one step away from first place in the group A: it will be enough, in fact, even not to lose with a difference of four goals against Liverpool to get to the seeded knockout stage draws.

A team that amazes even the former defender Christian Panucciwhich to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Naples he said:

“I spent five years with Spalletti, we also had discussions. But he has many advantages, he is able to improve every player he trains, really everyone. Kim is a player who has incredible substance and quality, he is enchanting with his advances of him. Spalletti managed to improve at the age of 35 when I moved to the position of central defense, he gave me some very useful advice that allowed me to have the possibility of recovering better from certain forwards ”.

(Photo by Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images)

“Napoli like my Rome”: listen to Panucci

The former defender also had the opportunity to compare this Napoli with his own Rometrained by the blue coach:

“This Napoli reminds me of my Rome, they play from memory. The main feature, however, is the quality, that does not train it. This Napoli has that quality, I move the ball quickly and by heart. He has found a team that excites him, you can see his work“.

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