Naples, Meret renewal: the agent clarifies the position

Alex Meret has taken back Napoli and the ownership of the blue club after two years of dualism with David Ospina. Now that the Colombian is gone, the goalkeeper born in ’97 has put on his boxing gloves and the number 1 shirt and is showing all his talent.

To the microphones of TMWthe agent of MeretFederico Shepherd boyspoke of the renewal situation with Napoli and the qualities of the goalkeeper, now an immovable owner.

Naples renewal Meret
Napoli renews Meret (Getty Images)

Renewal Meret, the agent speaks: “We are available”

On the sidelines of the ‘Sports Festival‘, organized in Trento by The Gazzetta dello Sportpeople Federico Pastorello he had no doubts in clarifying Alex’s position Meret with the Naples.

“Ownership was the thing we had been asking for for two years now, just the opportunity to have some peace of mind and time to find stability. We take into account that the season with Gattuso had not been very easy with the alternation, but he had shown reliability ”.

Renewal of Meret with Napoli? The club and the coach make choices, I think Alex has shown personality and professionalism in managing this situation in the best possible way. We have never denied dialogue with Naples, let’s see what it will bring. There have always been talks: it depends on the parties, but our availability has always been there“.

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