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Luciano Spalletti, Napoli coach, spoke on the eve of the match against Rangers. These are the statements made by him at the press conference:

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RACE – “In all matches you have to put your best in the game. The difficulties are repeated every time and put in all the qualities you need. Winning tomorrow could prove to be fundamental because it would allow us to play the game with Liverpool with 15 points and use the goal difference in our favor. A victory that would become essential for the last game. “

TURNOVER – “Turnover? I choose the players to win the games. The possibility of having strong players even outside gives me the alternative of letting the others play. Since we came back the other night at 2, in the morning I am struggling to develop ‘training. Even today those who played still had to recover. Having a high level squad we can change something. There will be 3-4 fresh players. “

THE LEVEL OF NAPLES – “Given the games we have played so far, we are at a good level. We have always used the qualities we have, we have never been put in serious difficulty by our opponents. It concerns up to now, it will be essential not to dwell on the evaluations for what we have done but we want to go to find what we can be and become. This requires us to be better and better at finding new solutions. We have players who occasionally bring out above average pieces in terms of play. Like Osimhen’s goal on Sunday. to go and look for new and even more important solutions “.

THE STADIUMS AND THE FANS – “We have to remove more and more barriers. Once I would try to get people without fences to arrive in a stadium. It is precisely the fence that stimulates you to go and see what is there. of people who love this sport, the beautiful things they do in a stadium and be able to enjoy this show. Go and highlight the idiots because they are the ones who make noise and are in the minority. They are the ones who must be thrown out of the stadiums. Priority must be given to those who love this show, to those who want to bring the children to attend the show, to those who want to give the social impetus. The modernization of the stadiums could help because going to stadiums where there are things outdated and left as they were helps to be less orderly and correct for the environment you live in. New stadiums are needed, which create jobs, prospects for thousands of new situations “.

MOURINHO – “I don’t look at what others say and I don’t think about what others are doing. We need to have our own way of doing football. It is true that we are first in both competitions but it becomes important to be first for our fans. It counts more than everything else. We have a duty to be first to represent them. I don’t answer someone like Mourinho who has a different story from mine and if he says something I have to be careful to understand what he said. We are happy, we have the satisfaction of our fans and this fills us with joy “.

RANGERS – “I looked closely at the last games played by Rangers. I found many things done well. My colleague van Bronchkorst is a level coach and knows how to identify solutions. In the last Champions League game with Liverpool at half-time they were 1 -1 and they had very clear situations to score. Thinking in front of an affordable team is a mistake that we will not make. We will give our best even in this match here, otherwise it would mean not having the DNA of the winner.

ANGUISSA – “Anguissa is called up for tomorrow’s match. I am satisfied with Ndombele’s work, if I replayed him it means that I am”.

THE SCREAM THE CHAMPIONS – “I think Maradona’s scream The Champions is our own copyright, it represents the eruption of love of Neapolitans for this sport”.

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