“Napoli already has new leaders! I understood one thing against Juve and Barcelona. Panda? Never found again”

Luciano Spalletti he told his Naples and his private life a DAZN. The blue technician, in the special “Diletta line“, He talked about his experience with Napoli, revealing some very interesting and nice details, as well as some unpublished background.

“In life you are either the one who leads or you are a passenger. When you enter the field, I like a team that goes to try to do battle with any opponent. When we played with Barcelona, ​​we drew in the first leg and we lost with several goals in Naples but I liked the team attitude more when we lost ”.

Panda? I am a lucky man, I have more than one. I have one here and one in Naples. I never found it, now I have another one. When I left the hotel I was very, very badly. Of course it is something that is not right to suffer, those who have done so should be punished. But deep down I like to think that she has served some family man who is now taking his children to school“.

Naples Spalletti
Naples Spalletti

Positive and negative aspects of Naples?They have strong ambitions, they want to win. The comparison, thus, becomes tough. But from the very first good morning you meet the passion and warmth that people have. It only makes me angry when the kids’ commitment is not recognized. Also this year, which we have changed a lot, I have already appreciated the knowledge of the new ones, I am already in tune with everyone else. There will be maximum commitment in all matches and in all training sessions“.

Naples Revolution?When you go to get your hands on the team so drastically, you need some time and other leaders to grow. We already have some, like Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani and Anguissa. Osimhen himself must become a point of reference for us, I have already told him. With the players there is also a WhatsApp group in which we talk and compare. The group talks “I’ll be with you!” and I used it in matches where I couldn’t be on the pitch, like against Juventus. At that moment everyone was saying that the game had to be postponed due to the fact that we had so many players with Covid. But I sent him a message telling him I was happy they let her play because I saw them train very well. Taking that game away from the boys would have been unfair. There they showed that they could be trusted“.

Kvaratskhelia?He is a footballer from whom we expect a lot because he has replaced a champion who has decided to make new acquaintances and other acquaintances after many years of Italian football. We always have to go along with the will of the players, so that we must go and hold him back … I hoped he would stay with us until the end.“.

Experience in Russia?You have to pack your bags and leave, get on the plane and go to meet different cultures. Also for this reason, when someone asks me how he made Insigne go to Canada, I tell him that it is right that he was given the opportunity. There I met really strong people, many had a very hard life but their spirit, their self-denial to move forward made the difference. From what I have been able to know, I am sure that the Russians also want the war to end“.

What will be the intuition of 2022/23?You have to go behind what is a rule that the qualities of footballers impose on you. We must be able to develop a tactical plan in which the players can find their best qualities and express all the inspiration and imagination they possess. So we will start from 4-3-3, hoping that it will give us a game that can be appreciated by the Napoli fans. They have seen real champions play, they are true connoisseurs and having seen Diego (Maradona, ed.) It becomes difficult to hide something from them. They catch you immediately “.7

Spalletti Naples
Spalletti Naples

Koulibaly? “He is an extraordinary person, as well as being a great champion. From the beginning he was warm with all of us. Every morning he came to the office to greet me with his hugs. In the locker room he is truly the commander: for me it is like having lost one of my collaborators ”.

Totti, Icardi and Insigne?I did things for them that I wouldn’t have done for other players. It bothers me that they say I made them stop. Who was present knows all the good that I wanted him. For Totti, everyone knew that I would leave at the end of the year and they could keep him going. Icardi didn’t go away with me but with Conte, he could have used it. With Insigne I did everything to try to convince him but he had already decided to have this experience with his family“.

TV series about Totti?I looked at it for a while and heard about it. In my opinion what is wrong is that she would have had so much content to do it on herself, instead she did it on me and made me a famous character. If they had asked me for an opinion, I would have given them my version and they would have made the audience boom “.

Di Lorenzo?It was easy with him, he’s my captain. A boy is given the band because he has balance in knowing how to relate to teammates and opponents. It was really easy with him, everyone wanted him with the headband“.

Spalletti Naples
Spalletti Naples

Relationship with De Laurentiis? Everyone was betting that it would be hard to make it to the end of the season. We often meet, we have our points of view but for now there is a good dialogue. Probably, even unconsciously, we were both horse and rider. He is a tough president, we like to tell each other things to our faces ”.

How much time do you spend on your motivational speeches?We started with the writing on the bibs, to cheer the group and for the public. In fact, in many games we have had the “Maradona” beautifully full with the beautiful scream of him. Every now and then we attack phrases in the gym and in the locker room. Many times we write things on the board and turn the paper, so we remember well what we said. And when it’s important, the players also sign“.

Is it difficult to have Spalletti as a coach? In such a balanced football, the details make the difference. I don’t get up in the morning and hope things happen, I will do anything as long as they happen. Whoever prepares better wins. Making your players believe that they have even better qualities than they have, can become the way to become a great team. I like players who are ready to make themselves available, who do not go trampling on the work of others“.

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