“Napoli deservedly at the top, Azzurri a cut above the other teams”

Il Mattino, De Core: Napoli deservedly at the top, Azzurri a notch above the other teams

During the broadcast “Si Inflate la Rete” by Raffaele Auriemma, Francesco De Core, journalist of Il Mattino, spoke on Radio CRC

“I hope that the enthusiasm of this Naples will infect the audience of readers and give satisfaction to the city. It is a well-deserved top of the ranking. Even yesterday in such a tough match against such a tough team he deserved the victory. Let’s put aside the superstition because it is useless. Call for bids Napoli is one of the three best equipped teams in the league to win the Scudetto. It is a special season for the World Cup. At the moment, Napoli is a cut above the others. Milan and Inter are the best equipped teams to be able to compete for the Scudetto against Napoli, but there is this unknown factor of the World Cup for which we do not know how we will find the teams in January. The game expressed, the points in the league, the bench and the European dimension of Napoli show that the team is a candidate for the Scudetto. Gaetano? He entered a particular moment of the game and did his job very well. He has great flexibility and a desire to play. At the beginning of the championship he made himself available to Spalletti, this is the right attitude. Clearly, seeing one of our boys playing within the team is a source of satisfaction. The match was blocked, difficult and very rough, but Gaetano gave his contribution ”.

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