“Napoli faster than anyone on the market, football is like cinema”

There is curiosity in England for the splendid Napoli admired in the first matches of Champions League and immediately rose to European prominence. The president of the blue club Aurelio De Laurentiis al Telegraph explained the work done in the summer to make available to Luciano Spalletti the best possible team.

Napoli, De Laurentiis: “Faster and smarter on the market”

During the summer I talked to my co-workers about big decisions to make and how to change the team, buy new players. We have taken players that we have been following for years, we have been lucky but we have also been in the negotiations smarter and faster compared to the competition – explained the patron of the Campania club -. We were already good at identifying players who are already here besides the coach“. De Laurentiis expressed his opposition to tours abroad:”If I have to play against important teams, I want to play where we retire, in Italy in the mountains at 1,200 m. When you train people very well, results come“. Decisive too the psychological aspect: “We also take care of the psychological aspect of people, not just the physical one. When you have to set up a team, you have to dose psychology and physical appearance and you have to create the group because nobody wins alone“.

Naples, 6-1 at Ajax is the revenge of the Italian technical school on Dutch total football

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Naples, 6-1 at Ajax is the revenge of the Italian technical school on Dutch total football

De Laurentiis: “Football is like cinema”

Football is like cinema, my first job has been entertainment for 55 years – explained his philosophy De Laurentiis -. I’ve always thought I was entertaining, when I got interested in football. When we make a film it is necessary to have ideas and a script, two years of work to please the audience. Even in football you have an obligation towards the viewer“. On the lead in the standings: “We are first in Serie A and Serie B because we work on football as if we were working on films or fiction. The only difference is that when you write a screenplay, you know the end, you know exactly how to please the viewer. In football instead, you have a lot of problems, you never know what will happen when your team plays against the best like Ajax or Liverpool or Bayern Munich or whoever is playing at a certain level, you never know what can happen. And you have to respect the decisions of the referee. But I don’t believe in luck: I’ve produced and financed 400 films and never had a flop. It’s not luck, you have to sell a product that the viewers like. In cinema as in football“.

Napoli entertains and conquers Europe: "With Ajax he wrote history"

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Napoli have fun and conquer Europe: “With Ajax he wrote history”

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