Napoli is messing with Dybala! The latest from Bucchioni for Tmw

Napoli is messing with Dybala!  The latest from Bucchioni for Tmw

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A phone call from Luciano Spalletti made Paulo Dybala waver, perhaps he understood that Naples is the ideal place to relaunchwrites the columnist of Tuttomercatoweb.comEnzo Bucchioni: “And Aurelio De Laurentiis’ plan to bring Joya in blue is now beginning to take shape. The contact has been made, the prosecutor Antun has a great offer in hand and these are hours of intense reflection.

If until a few days ago Inter seemed clearly in the lead, Marotta’s courtship and the idea of ​​trying to win the Scudetto had attracted the Argentine for some time, there is perhaps also something more than a handshake. but now everything comes into question. Roma had also tried to enter without great success, there is Mourinho, but they do not play in the Champions League.

Now De Laurentiis’ straight-legged entry is shuffling the cards. The assault on Dybala is physically possible from one minute after Koulibaly’s farewell. The defender signed for Chelsea by winning his “no Juve” battle, bringing forty million into the blue coffers and at the same time allowing De Laurentiis to save the nearly six million salary he had been promised.

Here, the six million will be conveyed to Dybala and paying the commissions (ten million) will not be a problem. Let’s face it: Dybala is the only player who can quickly make Insigne, Mertens and perhaps even Koulibaly forget.

It seems a perfect operation, another imaginative Argentine after Maradona, after Sivori. Another character who draws football, which makes you dream. And De Laurentiis knows how important players like Dybala are, especially now that all the most representative players, the locker room leaders and the men-image have left in this team.

De Laurentiis has bet on Dybala and hopes to bring home the operation this weekend. The Argentine was offered a five-year contract for five million a year plus easily achievable bonuses that would bring everything, as mentioned, close to six million. However in Naples he will be able to play the Champions League, immediately become a leader and very titular, something that Inter, for example, cannot offer him.

Dybala knows Naples well, he knows how much a city and a square like this, full of warmth, full of energy, could give him. His magic could soon make him a darling and bring back that leader who has no longer been to Juve. I had said it for some time on Neapolitan radios: if I were De Laurentiis I would go and get Dybala. It is the perfect operation on paper, the relaunch in a moment of tiredness and doubts, while too many goodbyes leave a bad taste in the mouth someone like Dybala could inflame all the fans.

De Laurentiis sniffs these things and knows that even from such an important contract he could still have an immediate return, not surprisingly when he realized that there was the possibility of reaching the Argentine he blocked the Deulofeu operation which was already in progress quite advanced. . Not always the prosecutor Antun, at least for me, advised his client well, but if I were in his place I would have no doubts: Napoli forever.

The operation started and late last night in Dimaro’s retreat, De Laurentiis himself arrived to follow the work, but above all to hold a summit with all his collaborators before sinking the deal and trying to close it as soon as possible. There is talk of a sort of gentleman agreemant between Inter and Dybala, with the commitment to decide no later than the 20th of Julybut De Laurentiis hopes to convince the Argentine before that date.

Certainly Spalletti’s phone call has taken hold of Joya who wants to return to being the owner at the center of a brilliant technical project, in a purposeful and fun football. Obviously Dybala would be the ideal striker to work alongside Osimhen, a central sub-goal in the 4-2-3-1, the Argentine could return to being devastating on his own, but also as an assist man in the long spaces for the Nigerian.

Profound reflections are underway which should trigger quick decisions. Radiomercato tells of strong ties between Dybala and Marotta and perhaps something more, but the uncertainties of Inter in recent weeks could have upset the Argentine who trains alone and has a great desire to return after the last gray years at Juve. Even thinking about the national team, the World Cup, Naples intrigues. As mentioned, Roma also tried to fit in, but playing the Champions League is too important an option. “

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