Napoli, Juve and Inter on the pitch in the advances

The leaders host Sassuolo to extend their lead, while the Nerazzurri are in comeback mode against Sampdoria. The bianconeri in an emergency in Lecce to relaunch

The twelfth day of A league opens with three games of different specific weight, but equally fundamental for the big players involved. We start with the Naples leaders hosting the fearsome Sassuolo to move to +6 over Milan, waiting for the Rossoneri to respond also on the Turin pitch. All ‘Interinstead, it will be up to close the championship Saturday by hosting Sampdoria, in an attempt to relaunch with Stankovic, with the aim of giving life to a comeback that starts from afar. In the middle there will be room for the Juvewho seeks answers and smiles in the feud of Lecce despite the shattered morale and a team decimated by absences.

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Naples, Kim: "The team I want to defeat is Juventus"
Napoli, Kim: “The team I want to defeat is Juventus”

Napoli chasing the ‘thirteen’, challenging history and cabal. Having beaten the record of consecutive victories that had stood since the time of Maradona between the end of the 1985-86 championship and the beginning of the 1986-87 season (which ended with the first historic championship), Spalletti’s team aims higher still trying to celebrate in the best way that number which in the Neapolitan ‘grimace’ is associated with Saint Anthony, one of the most loved saints. Against the Sassuolo, right in the belly of the stadium named after the ‘Diez’, the spectacular Neapolitan team wants to improve itself, go beyond its limits and stay on the run in the league thanks to the three points advantage accumulated over the pursuing Milan. The trio trimmed in the Champions League to the Scots gods Rangers against which the Azzurri have once again demonstrated their qualities has already been forgotten. Spalletti he repeats every time that there is still a long way to go, that continuity of performance must be cultivated day after day, keeping our feet on the ground. And the challenge against the neroverdi is yet another obstacle to keep the great dream alive. And every player got the message.

“The team really counts, it counts to make a result, it counts to enter well. We have also seen with the Rangers, whoever entered did very well and did not miss anyone. Whoever enters does well, enters the dynamics of the match, and this is a beautiful thing “, underlined the defender Juan Jesus, ensuring how ready the team is not to give in to brownouts. “Ready for Sassuolo? We are always ready, we always do our job. Even if the matches are close together and we can’t do much, it was a good training session and we will do our best,” explained the Brazilian. “There is a great group, not that last year there was not: if we are in the Champions League today it is because last year we had a good championship, we were as good a group as this one. Now, however, there is still a long way to go, we are just in October. This group gives a lot, all the boys give 100% for Napoli “, added the former Giallorossi, expressing the words spoken by Spalletti after his fifth consecutive victory in the Champions League.

The Sassuolo of Dionysus he does not intend to be the thirteenth sacrificial victim. The victory over Verona has restored confidence to the group, which will welcome the former with arms Giacomo Raspadori, who after five seasons in Emilia will play as an opponent. For ‘Jack’ it will not be a challenge like any other and not even for the Neroverdi coach himself. “I am not surprised at what Raspadori is doing and what he will do, and that he will be better than what he is doing now. He has joined a new team with great qualities, he will not surprise me in the future, he is destined to achieve great things. I’ll be happy to see him, he too will be a little excited to see Sassuolo, it was his team “, underlined the Sienese coach, who relies on the quality and determination of his players to try to stop the winning streak of the team. leaders. “Against Napoli we must have a bit of presumption and ambition thinking we can have opportunities to obtain a positive result – he assured -. We could be the 13th team defeated by Napoli but we could also be a team that can put Napoli in difficulty. it’s almost unplayable, taking advantage of our characteristics, that is game, organization and individuality “. It will not be easy against a goal machine that is also shaking Europe.

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Juve, Allegri: "We need a reaction from Lecce, Vlahovic and Locatelli out"
Juve, Allegri: “We need a reaction to Lecce, Vlahovic and Locatelli out”

Juve forced to play the rescue still has to deal with the infirmary. Massimiliano Allegri announced that Locatelli And Vlahovic they will not leave for Lecce: the first “for personal reasons”, the second because “he has not yet recovered from adductor pain”. Absences that are added to those of the usual suspects: result, the bianconeri in Salento will be 19, including three goalkeepers. Allegri warned that against PSG it will be “impossible” to recover the two most anticipated men, Pogba And Church. And at “99%” they won’t even be against Inter. “Maybe there will be, but it will be difficult, with Verona and Lazio.” In short, she is a lady who continues to be bandaged, but “we have enough players to play against an organized, fast team,” said the coach. “Playing in Lecce is never easy because they are always complicated games, if we need to, we will have a ‘dirty’ match”. But Allegri points to one more motivation to do well: “The anger for elimination in the Champions League. We have to carry it on throughout the championship.” Hoping that the European flop from a mental point of view does not become too heavy a burden. The ‘remuntada’ in the league, after all, with Napoli already ten points behind, requires the best version of Juventus. “We have the time and the possibility to recover – Allegri claims -. Now we have five important games and we need to concentrate on these, then with the break we will recover all the players and it will be something else. Even thinking about the possible Europa League would not make sense. “.

Optimism that leads the technician not to want to hear about failure. “In life these things also happen here, I don’t find the right word. I just think about working as we are doing with commitment and dedication. There are teams that have been eight years without Champions, it can happen. We must not get frustrated, otherwise we come out “. And maybe the help of the young people will be needed, the only happy note of the bad night with Benfica: “Juve’s youth sector is working well. Miretti is permanently in the first team, Iling is doing well, Fagioli is growing well and also the same Soulé. And there are others too. But it’s not that in one day, for a match, you have to change everything. Maybe tomorrow some less experienced player will play and will bring enthusiasm and recklessness “. To take over Locatelli, Allegri explained, will be one of Miretti and Fagioli. In any case, whoever takes the field is called “to give something more to make things turn in our favor. We must be good, because this must be a moment of growth for everyone. In times of difficulty we grow and this should be taken as an opportunity to do so “. Certainly, if the field does not give good news, the extra events, linked to the developments of the ‘Prisma’ investigation, do not invite a serene atmosphere. “There was a press release from the club. The president reassured everyone as always”, explained Allegri, “the club is made up of extraordinary people. We must give answers on the pitch”. In short, he is not an Allegri who lowers his head: “We do not feel surrounded. It is a difficult moment as has happened to other clubs. Juve is unique for this because the difficulties are raised to the nth degree. We have to be good. to overturn it and to give an important signal. I have a group of guys who have important human qualities and I rely a lot on this. Tomorrow, all together, we will certainly do a good performance, trying to get results “.

At the ‘Via del Mare’ the bianconeri are looking for the third consecutive victory to keep the hopes of a comeback alive. “If I still believe in the Scudetto? We are on matchday eleven, talking about it now is of little use. Now we have to get up after the important blow in the Champions League. We have an opportunity to react and win. We are behind, the others are traveling. Napoli are doing it. extraordinary things, Milan also, Lazio are doing important things, like Inter and Roma. We are behind and slowly we have to snatch points from those in front. There are 27 games to go, in Lecce it is the first of these “.

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Steven Zhang: “Inter are not for sale, I don’t speak to any investor”

After the party for the eighths of Champions conquered, Inter returns to throw themselves headlong into the championship by targeting Sampdoria. In fact, tomorrow the Dorians of the great ex will arrive at San Siro Dejan Stankovic, but the amarcord return must not distract Simone Inzaghi’s men, who aim to put important points in the farmhouse to aim for a comeback in the standings. The dream of the second star has not yet passed, but the Nerazzurri need a string of victories without new stumbles to bring them back to the top and rivals, in particular Napoli and Milan, eight and five points distant respectively. The infirmary factor, which is now emptying, is also helping the Inter coach. Romelu Lukaku at the Meazza he could play at least half an hour to put important minutes in his legs after the return with goals against Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League, with the couple formed by Lautaro Martinez and Dzeko on pole for the two starting shirts in attack against Sampdoria. Marcelo Brozovic will need a few more days, however, who could meet again on Tuesday for the match against Bayern Munich in Germany: Calhanoglu as a director with Barella and Mkhitaryan on either side of him still wide. Two important returns for Inter, considering the specific weight of the Belgian center forward and the Croatian midfielder.

Reason why the president too Steven Zhang believes in comeback. “In the world of football, every season has its own story. We only played 11 matches in the league, the season is long and still open – the words of the Nerazzurri number one during the post-shareholders’ meeting press conference -. Everyone at Inter has confidence in the fact that we will be able to move up and fight for the title. We will do our best, our players have the ambition to compete to win. ” Ambition also underlined by the CEO Giuseppe Marotta. “When Inter participate in a competition, they must always try to get the best. We have to race for the Scudetto, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup and we also want to be protagonists in the Champions League”, added the Nerazzurri manager. Who then also spent positive words towards Inzaghi: “The facts show that he is making an enormous journey with us. This year we started with some difficulties, but the team has compacted and thanks to the coach we are back on the road. correct “, concluded Marotta.

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