Napoli make scoring debut thanks to Osimhen

Mexican Hirving Lozano remained on the bench throughout the game as his future with Napoli was uncertain

in a double and performance that revealed his head was all white Naples Despite rumors of a possible departure to Saudi Arabia, the Nigerian player Victor Osimhen signed before his new promotion Phrosinone the comeback of Naples (1-3) He said he hadn’t failed and wanted to win the ‘Scudetto’ again.

And it was 7 minutes when attention was focused on the current Italian champion, whether or not he maintained his potential even if the manager changed. Phrosinone He topped the scoreboard with his first goal of the season.

Former Sassuolo forward Abdou Hallowi scored from 11 meters away after Swede Jens Kafste’s penalty against Uruguayan Jaime Baez. The player, who was signed this summer, failed to make his dream debut in the ‘Azzurra’ uniform and was replaced after the match. half time.

The Benito Stilpe Stadium blew up before the surprise of the day when they won and even kept the whole team at bay. Naples It seemed unstoppable. But over time, with Zielinski and Lobotka controlling the game from midfield and Olivera and Di Lorenzo adding depth to the flanks, the reigning sense of equality began to fade.

fart Naples At first it was difficult to start because maybe I was too confident, but I managed to raise my level and remember what last season was like. The tie began to be plagued by a goal Turati defended and increasingly practiced opposition resistance. Phrosinone Overcome.

The resistance lasted 20 minutes before Politano appeared to the rescue. Rahamani scored at mid-field height and provoked a quick counterattack for his team, but a few seconds later he began to shoot at the local gate but failed to find it, twice being blocked by the Frosinone defense. .

But the third time was a charm. Politano caught a rebound from the front and passed Turati, who could not clear well due to the bounce of the ball just before the goal.

he Naples Loosening after goal, Raspadori warned at goal before the break. VAR Canceled due to previous offside. Rudy Garcia’s side once again took control of the game and this time did not let it slip away. The “show” has begun Osimhen.

Last season’s top scorer, he still wears the mask that made him a hero last season. Osimhen It was a whirlwind and flipped the score.

The first was a trademark goal from Napoli’s home, where captain Di Lorenzo connected with the striker and burst the ball to make it 1-2 before half-time. And with 10 minutes remaining, he used the team’s excellent coordination to isolate him against Turati, who could do little to avoid a double.

Combined with one of Frosinone’s most acted goals, the crossbar from a direct free-kick by Baez, those two goals were enough to see the newly promoted side tame the Italian beast for a few minutes, and no one else. Eliminated the illusion of being a rival to be defeated until proven. .

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