“Napoli must create more, solutions must be found against deployed defenses”

“Tonight against Espanyol I expect Napoli to shoot more on goal.”

Paolo Del Geniusjournalist of Radio Kiss Kiss Naplesis intervention during the broadcast ‘Radio Goal’: “Tonight against Espanyol I expect Napoli to shoot more on goal. In 70/80% of the matches Napoli will be stronger than the opponent and if this gap does not turn into shots on goal, then it becomes difficult to score. There are a thousand ways to build more scoring and Napoli must at least identify a couple. I heard that Napoli played well in friendlies for 30-40 minutes, but what does it mean to play well? For me it means that in the minutes you dominate you can create 7-8 scoring. The opposing teams usually close, it will be necessary to find solutions against the defenses lined up. The furious pressure on the opponents cannot be the only resource, with so many close matches it will not be possible to always be aggressive and intense for 90 ‘and you will also have to work on the technique. How long can this attitude with 30 degrees in August have it? I like this whole metamorphosis to change DNA, but I am not convinced that it will succeed that easily. From a technical team that knows how to dribble now we have to become super aggressive I don’t know if that’s the best solution. Tactically it would take a player who plays behind Osimhen“.

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