Napoli – Rangers: 3-0 Champions 2022/2023. Final result and commentary on the match

  • Thank you for following the live broadcast of this match with us, see you in the next round of the Champions League!22:53

  • Napoli and Liverpool will play for first place in the last round in the direct clash of Anfield. The Neapolitans, however, have the advantage in goal difference and even with a defeat with a difference of three goals they would remain in first place.22:53

  • Napoli wins and convinces against Rangers and keeps first place in the group. Double for Simeone in the first half, in the second half the Neapolitans touched the third goal on several occasions until they found it, the 100 in the Champions League, with Ostigard.22:52

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    End of the game: NAPLES – RANGERS 3-0.22:52

  • 90 ‘

    There will be 3 minutes of recovery.22:49

  • 90 ‘

    Mario Rui is shown a yellow card for a deduction.22:49

  • 88 ‘

    Čolak’s header from a good position. Ball to Meret’s right.22:48

  • 88 ‘

    Yellow card for Kim, foul on Lundstram.22:46

  • 86 ‘

    Substitution in Naples, Zanoli enters for Di Lorenzo.22:45

  • 83 ‘

    Zerbin also enters for Raspadori.22:42

  • 83 ‘

    Zielinski enters, takes Lobotka’s place.22:42

  • 80 ‘

    GOAL! NAPLES – Rangers 3-0! Ostigard network. Raspadori’s corner, Ostigard takes the time and heads the square on the corner to the left of McGregor.

    Look at the player’s card Leo Östigard22:40

    Leo Östigard
  • 80 ‘

    MARIO RUI! Restart of Napoli, Di Lorenzo in speed reaches the limit and puts in the center, Mario Rui comes from behind to kick power on the near post. McGregor swerves for a corner.22:39

  • 76 ‘

    Barisic for King in the Rangers.22:35

  • 73 ‘

    Gaetano takes the place of Elmas.22:32

  • 73 ‘

    Change in Naples, Lozano for Politano.22:32

  • 70 ‘

    The pace dropped with Napoli looking for the third goal but without the intensity of the first half.22:32

  • 68 ‘

    Čolak in for Morelos.22:27

  • 67 ‘

    Two changes in Rangers, Arfield enters for Tillman.22:26

  • 66 ‘

    RASPADORI! The attacker retrieves the ball in the area and tries the conclusion in a round. High ball over the crossbar.22:25

  • 64 ‘

    Rangers show up for a corner kick, the ball ends up in Morelos who tries a shot from a few steps but hits Mario Rui’s back.22:24

  • 61 ‘

    Punishment for Rangers from the left, Ylmaz kicks with the ball crosses the whole area without endangering Meret.22:21

  • 57 ‘

    Maneuver Napoli across the board without forcing the pace.22:15

  • 52 ‘

    SIMEON! Dombele launch, Simeone kicks at the far post but McGregor deflects for a corner.22:11

  • 49 ‘

    SIMEON BLOWS THE TRIS! Deep launch, the Argentine only in front of McGregor tries the lob. Ball to the side.,22:09

  • 46 ‘

    The second half of NAPLES – RANGERS begins.22:05

  • 46 ‘

    Substitution in the Rangers, Sakala enters for Wright.22:05

  • Napoli dominated this first part of the match without hardly ever suffering and Simeone scored twice in five minutes. For the Neapolitans, a crossbar hit by Ndombele should also be noted.21:48

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    End of the first half: NAPLES – RANGERS 2-0.21:48

  • 45 ‘

    There will be 2 minutes of recovery.21:46

  • 45 ‘

    Rangers show up, Morales starts in speed, enters the area and kicks with the right. Meret smanaccia in the corner.21:46

  • 42 ‘

    Yellow card for Lundstram for tugging on Ndombele.21:43

  • 39 ‘

    Politano from the bottom of the bowl in the area, Raspadori tries his head, blocks McGregor.21:40

  • 35 ‘

    Phase of the game where Napoli controls. The Rangers try to put their heads out but fail to worry the Neapolitans,21:36

  • 30 ‘

    Ostigard on the ground in pain but seems to be able to continue playing21:31

  • 26 ‘

    Simeone’s pressure in the area and cross in the center for Raspadori who crushes some text but sends to the side.21:27

  • 22 ‘

    CROSS OF NDOMBELE! Percussion of Di Lorenzo from the right, the ball to Ndombele ceh kicks first and hits the crossbar in full.21:23

  • 20 ‘

    Twenty minutes of play with Napoli who manage the double advantage without major worries.21:20

  • 16 ‘

    GOAL! NAPLES – Rangers 2-0! Simeone Network. Double in 15 minutes for SImeone. Raspadori crosses from the left, Cholito comes out between two defenders and heads the ball.

    Look at the player’s card Giovanni Simeone21:17

    Giovanni Simeone
  • 14 ‘

    Control and domination of the field by the home team.21:17

  • 11 ‘

    GOAL! NAPLES – Rangers 1-0! Simeone Network. Di Lorenzo invents for Simeone, the attacker controls with the left and with a right diagonal he stabs McGregor.

    Look at the player’s card Giovanni Simeone21:13

    Giovanni Simeone
  • 9 ‘

    Yellow card for Davies, hard intervention on Raspadori.21:09

  • 6 ‘

    Raspadori for Ndombele, the French crosses into the area from the right, Simeone hits his head but sends high over the crossbar.21:07

  • 3 ‘

    Balanced start with Napoli managing the ball.21:04

  • 1 ‘

    NAPLES STARTING WHISTLE – RANGERS. Umut Meler referees.21:01

  • In Napoli confirmed Meret in goal, novelty in defense with Ostigard next to Kim, on the wings Di Lorenzo and the return of Mario Rui. In attack outside Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia, Simeone play with Politano and Raspadori. In Rangers behind the only striker Morelos, the trio formed by Tillman, Wright and Kent.20:02

  • RANGERS formation (4-2-3-1): McGregor – Tavernier, King, Davies, Yilmaz – Lundstram, Sands – Tillman, Wright, Kent – Morelos. Available: McCrorie, McLaughlin, Colak, Davis, Matondo, Sakala, Barisic, Arfield, Devine, Lowry, Allan.19:54

  • NAPLES formation (4-3-3): Meret – Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Kim, Mario Rui – Ndombele, Lobotka, Elmas – Politano, Simeone, Raspadori. Available: Idasiak, Boffelli, Juan Jesus, Osimhen, Olivera, Lozano, Zielinski, Zerbin, Zanoli, Gaetano, Kvaratskhelia, Anguissa.19:53

  • First place that will also depend on the other result in the group. In fact, Liverpool with a victory against Ajax would remain, in the event of three points by the Neapolitans, with three points behind in the standings. Everything could therefore be decided in the last round, next week, in the match between Liverpool and Napoli.18:22

  • At Maradona Napoli tries to secure the first place in the Champions League group, to do so they will have to beat Rangers, still to zero points and with only one goal, against the 16 suffered in the first four games.18:19

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Diego Armando Maradona
    City: Naples
    Capacity: 60240 spectators18:19

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