Napoli-Rangers: Spalletti and Simeone in conference

Champions League – Press conference Spalletti on the eve of the game Naples Rangers. The day before the fifth day of Champions League Napoli Rangersspeak in conference Spalletti for the Naples with Simeone, for the Napoli Champions League match at Maradona. On FootballNaples24 there live conference by Spalletti.

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Napoli Rangers: Spalletti and Simeone at the press conference

Naples Rangers: Spalletti in press conference with Simeone from the Traning Center of Castel Volturno. The SSC Napoli coach intervenes live the day before the match with the Portuguese footballer. Spalletti and Simeone in conferenceon FootballNaples24 live video and text of the conference.

  • 2.30 pm: Press conference SSC Napoli Spalletti + Simeone the SSC Napoli Konami Training Center – live video on CalcioNapoli24

14.00 – About half an hour to go until the start of the Spalletti and Simeone press conference: the press room of the Konami Training Center:

14.20 – All ready to Castel VolturnoSpalletti and Simeone are expected to arrive

Here are Spalletti and Simeone, the press conference begins pre Napoli-Rangers:

Simeone: “Both for me and for the team it is important to score as many points as possible, to demonstrate and confirm what we are doing every match. For me to play is important, but the important thing is to be ready for the coach. I am available and I have experience to understand how and when to do good for the team “.

Simeone: “Who plays in attack always scores, how to keep concentration? It is thanks to all the team mates, we are doing well and we forwards always manage to find ourselves in front of the goal. Everyone prepares it in his own way, I prepare them with great strength and meditation, with visualization. I have my own little booklet in which I write the games and prepare them for myself. When I’m not playing I enjoy this team, the important thing is to be ready when you need to be in the starter or 5 minutes. I have said it from the beginning since I arrived, I will always give everything for this team. “

Simeone: “The first leg was a difficult game, we also missed the penalty and it was difficult. They were always aggressive in our possession. I don’t know if it was the most difficult game, but their aggression put us in difficulty. We have to prepare ourselves as much as possible. to find solutions to their way of playing “.

Simeone: “My first months in Naples and in the city? I am very happy, ever since we talked about the negotiation I have had many messages and I have understood that being a Napoli player is a unique thing. Now I understand the passion they transmit and for a Argentine is important, I feel part of this passion and that is why there is a return of affection I am a man of the sea, when it is sunny and I open the windows and see that landscape it makes me feel good. We need to find some peace, when I take the mate and look at the sea I relax and this makes me feel good “.

Simeone: “Spalletti as a coach can be seen every Sunday, even if we live it more. In training he always tries to express the best of each player, always looks to the next match. In order to win, he tries to make you improve on every detail. Sometimes he makes you laugh, goes around the locker room making jokes. The beauty is that when we are on the pitch he is always there to give you a hand to be concentrated, you can never relax. He tries to make you understand the mistakes, this is very important “.

Simeone: “We always take advantage, when we play, of the maximum of each player. My strength is to attack the depth or create spaces for me to go to goal or favor the teammates. Each has its characteristics and the group is aware of it, we play for those qualities . The coach knows very well who has to play to face the opponents, he is very good at this and we are all always available whenever we are called into question. “

Simeone: “Do I dream of going to the World Cup? I am very happy for the pre-call, it is special and makes me believe in what I do. I am in my 40s and I will show Scaloni that I am ready and that I want to be there. National, I’m pleased and I’ll give my best. “

Simeone: “To play against Atletico Madrid? It would be very nice to face such a strong team. The truth is that there is a lot of missing and Atletico have to do very well to go to the next round, while we have to stay focused for tomorrow. We can imagine many things , but we cannot know. I am focused on the present and on tomorrow’s match, I have to prepare myself for the minutes I have available. We will always give our best in every match that comes “.

Simeone: “We deserved all the victories, this team is strong because they believe in what they do and whoever enters makes the difference. What others say does not matter to us, what matters are the results and what we think as a group. The rest can create debate that is useful for those who like to talk about it, we want to show that we always want to win “.

Simeone: “Personal team goals? I prepare the matches looking for the weak points of the opponents, setting goals to bring on the field. I do it because I like it and one day I hope to become a coach. The goal is to continue on this team, that is to want to win every match and show who Napoli is. Personally, I always want to give my best to lend a hand to this great group. ”

Simeone’s conference ends, Spalletti will speak shortly

Spalletti: “Difficulty against Rangers and goal? What we say is the same for everyone. In all matches we have to put our best, the difficulty is to repeat ourselves every time to put all the qualities we need. We have to go fast, winning tomorrow could be fundamental to arrive against Liverpool with 15 points and to be able to use the goal difference in our favor. A victory that becomes fundamental. “

Lombardo intervenes: “It is not true that the tickets for tomorrow are sold out, for tomorrow there is still great availability. These are fake news that create problems for those who want to go to the stadium. There is still availability and whoever wants to can buy the ticket and be at the stadium”.

Spalletti: “Turnover? I always choose players to win games and not for turnover. Having strong players even outside gives me the alternative of being able to use and let everyone play. Since we returned the other night at 2 and 11 I am in training difficulties, even today we have diversified for those who have played and then we sent them away because they have to recover. Having a high level squad allows you to change something, so we will change 3-4 to have fresh players. ”

Spalletti: “At what point is the growth and maturity of the team? The games seen so far we can say that we are at a good level. We have never used the dispenser, but we have used the qualities we have to stay inside the game. For now we have never been put in difficulty by the adversaries, but it concerns up to this moment here. We do not have to stop or look for evaluations for what we have done, but we want to find a solution for what we can become and be. to be increasingly good at finding new solutions. We have players who find pieces and plays above average, Osimhen’s goal is a piece to add to those who are the pieces of the great players and great teams that are part of the history of football . This forces you to look for new solutions “.

Spalletti: “On the choirs and the hatred towards Naples at the Olimpico? We need to remove the barriers, I would try to get people to the stadium without any fences because that’s what stimulates you to see what’s beyond. We need to highlight this. that do the thousands of people who love this sport and do beautiful things in the stadiums, to enjoy the show. We must highlight the idiots who make a mess, must be thrown out of the stadiums and give strength to those who love this sport and those who take children to the stadium to see their favorites. This would also give impetus to the social, perhaps with the modernization of the stadiums that would help. Many systems have aspects that have been outdated and passed for many years, this helps to be less orderly and correct for the environment that is lives. It takes new stages, which create jobs and prospects for two thousand new situations “.

Spalletti: “Napoli who wins without deserving? I don’t look at what others say, I don’t think about what they do. We must have our own way of doing football. It is true that we are first in various competitions, but we must be first to play football. our fans. We have a duty to be first to represent our fans. I don’t answer to Mourinho who has a different story from mine, we are happy with what we are doing and we have the satisfaction of our fans and this fills us with joy. ” .

Spalletti: “I have seen and watched well the last games of Rangers, I have found many things done well. Their manager has quality and knows how to find the solutions they need. Against Liverpool at the end of the first half they were 1-1 and they had clear opportunities to score goals. Thinking of finding an easily accessible team is a mistake that we will not make, we will put our best and best of ourselves otherwise it would mean not having the DNA of a winner “.

Spalletti: “Conditions Anguissa? He is called up for tomorrow. I am satisfied with Ndombele because I also replayed him. Maradona’s scream ‘The Campions’ is our own copyright. It represents the eruption of love of the Neapolitans for this sport “.

Spalletti Napoli Rangers
Spalletti conference Napoli Rangers

Spalletti Napoli Rangers conference: live on Calcio Napoli 24 Tv

Where to see the Spalletti pre Napoli Rangers press conference? It will be possible to follow it live on CN24 Tv. Indeed, LIVE VIDEO on FootballNapoli24 TV (channel 79 digital terrestrial Naples / Caserta) and the Youtube channel FootballNaples24 with Riccardo Catapano it will be possible to see the conference.

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