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The success of the Olimpico against Lazio seemed to give a relaunch especially in the mind and in the morale for Napoli. Spalletti and his team, however, stopped once again, falling at home in front of their fans in the direct clash with Milan. A knockout that weighs so much, which brings regret and the feeling of another year without being able to bring home a prestigious trophy like the Scudetto. It is clear that Napoli are still only three points from the top and there are still ten games to play. It is also true that the worrying thing is the performance, we no longer see the beautiful, unpredictable and overwhelming game of the beginning of the season.

ATTACK DOES NOT WORK – There have been absences but finally Spalletti can count on practically the whole squad. Now there are also the various Lozano and Anguissa who should give an extra boost between now and the end of the season. Presences / absences aside, this Napoli has obviously dropped. Especially as regards the performance in front of goal. It is indeed a team that scores little, the season, or rather the blue attack championship, can be considered just enough.

THE GOAL CRISIS – The comforting data always remains the same, that is an absolutely enviable defensive phase of Napoli. Only 20 goals scored by Koulibaly and his teammates, followed by Inter at 22 (with a challenge to recover), Juventus at 25 and Milan at 29. Looking at the numbers in the realization phase, however, there is no need to be calm. I’m 49 goals scored in the league, this means only the sixth best attack in Serie A, on a par with Sassuolo. A little bit if you aim to fight for the Scudetto. Comparing with last year (when, it must be said, the overall performance was not as good as today), on matchday 28 Napoli had scored 58 goals, 9 more than today.

DRY OSIMHEN – At this point in the championship at least one double-digit player or someone close to him is expected. At home Naples is not exactly like that. Osimhen, who represents the point of reference up front, the team’s striker, is stopped at 7 goals in the league. Thanks to the important injury, no doubts, but he is not performing as he should in the finalization. Especially against the so-called ‘big’, but this year he did not score any of the competitors for the top of the standings. To tell the truth, the problem is up to the tenth position, given that the opponent with whom he marked the card that has the most important position is Turin.

THE ATTACK DOES NOT GO – Osimhen is not the only problem, because none of the other forwards comes close to 10 goals in the league. It is also a problem for outsiders, because a few more numbers are expected of them. It is no secret the colorless season of Insigne, who on action in Serie A 2021/22 scored only against Lazio. Lozano is stopped at 4 goals, Politano even to 1. Wanting to consider Elmas (now all-rounder) e Ounas (last among the choices) we continue on this path, given that they are respectively 2 and 0 goals.

THE NAPLES THAT WILL COME – In the future there will be a lot of thinking about what will happen. There will be many changes in Napoli, among expiring players, Insigne who will go to Toronto, other players whose contract is at the end and will hardly remain at the foot of Vesuvius. An important unknown is there ahead: it will be necessary to find a replacement for the captain, a possible post Mertens (who could have arrived at the greetings) and a solution perhaps more impacting on the right-hand side. The foreign sirens will arrive for Osimhen, they will knock insistently from the Premier to take him away. There will be many arguments to do. Meanwhile, the goal crisis is today, Napoli have a season finale to live. The scudetto dream should not be placed in the drawer, it is still there at a minimum distance. However there is a need to change gear, to put the highest gear for the final sprint in full force.

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