Nas blitz, seized tuna and swordfish

Six hundred and fifty kilos of food, mostly tuna fish And swordfish, seized and fined 21 businesses. It is the balance of the blitz of the carabinieri of the antisophistication unit of Latina on the Pontine Islands. The military landed in Ponza And Ventotene visited 33 restaurant businesses. At the end of the “tour”, irregularities emerged in almost two thirds of the structures and, at the end of the checks, fines of 23,500 euros were raised.
In the blitz the carabinieri found hygienic-sanitary and structural deficiencies in the kitchens which were often equipped in an improvised way: located “in confined spaces, lacking the minimum requirements to ensure optimal operating conditions, affected by previous dirt and not subjected to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance” explain the military. Furthermore, in some cases the rule that requires the traceability of food used for cooking has not been applied. For this, 650 kilograms of fish were seized, especially tuna and swordfish, for a value of about 13,500 euros.

Fish dinner in a village in Salento: twenty intoxicated people, a hospitalized child


And precisely in these days of August it is easier to fall into the traps (real scams, often at the risk of our health) of unscrupulous producers, traders and restaurateurs (fortunately a clear minority compared to all entrepreneurs). The economic crisis and the explosion of inflation are pushing families to save on food quality. At the same time, the enormous tourist flow of the summer causes the most sought-after products, fish for example, to be lacking on the tables. The deception consists in selling defrosted products for fresh, fish of breeding passed off as being caught in the open sea, species other than those declared (exemplary the Mekong pangasius, similar to cod).


The latest national kidnapping took place last Thursday, when the carabinieri found illegal food in 28% of the 288 controlled bathing establishments throughout Italy. Over 250 kilos of expired food or food prepared in kitchens without any minimum requirement to ensure correct hygienic conditions were thus seized in the refreshment points inside the structures. On average every year the carabinieri arrest a hundred people and report 5 thousand because they are held responsible for real crimes. In addition to the Nas, our health and our pockets are monitored by strict control systems, whose activity is not very well known.

Yet, in a normal year like 2021, the ICQRF alone (the Central Inspectorate for the repression of fraud at the Ministry of Agriculture) has identified many irregularities during 60 thousand checks in the field of protection of brands with geographical indication (Dop , Igp, Doc). Overall, 15.9% of operators and 11.6% of products did not comply. 4,699 administrative disputes were raised and agri-food products seized for about 5.5 million kg for a value of more than 8.1 million euros, to which must be added over one million euros of movable and immovable property, for a total of value of the seizures of 9.2 million euros.


The checks carried out by the ministry of Via XX Settembre involved the wine sector in 19,628 cases, the olive oil sector in 9,324, the dairy sector 6,137, the fruit and vegetables 3,758, the cereals and derivatives 3,411, the meat sector 3,167, the vegetable preserves 2,626, 1,996 alcoholic beverages, 1,589 honey, 532 eggs, 346 sugary substances and 3,370 other sectors.



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