NASA looks for a way to deflect meteorites that will hit the Earth

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If you’ve ever wondered how we’re going to protect ourselves from an asteroid attack on Earth, know that the NASA he has already thought about it.

A asteroid falling to Earth it would create the same situation that destroyed the planet e killed all the dinosaurs. There are very few options available to try to prevent this type of catastrophe. However, one NASA mission is working to try to find a way to divert the asteroid’s path destroying one spaceship to one speed of 23,000 km / h.

The name of this mission is Double Asteroid Detection Test or DART. Apocalyptic films such as Deep Impact, Armageddon and Don’t Look Up, starring iconic stars by Bruce Willis, Leonardo Dicaprio to Jennifer Lawrencehave always fantasized about such situations. Now, NASA is preparing to potentially defend the planet from a very similar threat posed by asteroids.

The details of the mission

The DART mission will cost an incredible 240 million dollars. The objective of the mission is to destroy a spaceship against the asteroid Dimorphos. While this asteroid does not threaten Earth in any way, NASA’s mission is to conduct an experiment to gain more knowledge of what happens when a craft crashes into a space rock. This knowledge will be used when a real asteroid threatens to hit Earth. This would help averting Armageddon on Earth and, perhaps, a save humanity from extinction.

The mission Dart has already sent space la main nacelle in the November 2021. It also includes a satellite built byItalian Space Agency. Another spacecraft is expected to be launched by 2026 to measure the impact.

“DART is the first mission dedicated to the study and demonstration of an asteroid deflection method that alters the movement of an asteroid in space through the kinetic effect“, Affirmed the NASA in a statement.

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