Natalia Dyer: What’s wrong with her face?

The face of Natalia Dyer needs some tweaking. Word of one Doctor of Laguna BeachCalifornia, who deals with aesthetic medicine and who, on his TikTok account, talks about his work and the procedures that can be performed in his office.

The doctor has seen fit to analyze the face of the actress and to correct what, according to her, would be defects that would prevent the face from being more harmonious. Specifically, it would act on the jaw, modifying the shape of the oval of the face, then on the cut of the eyes, the nose and, finally, on the forehead, eyebrow arch and lips. Result? A completely new person who vaguely resembles the original.

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On TikTok and Twitter, users have showered the doctor with criticism because the so-called defects to be corrected are nothing more than features of Natalia Dyer’s face, those that make him unique and distinguishable from others.

Videos like this lead us to think that our facial features are wrong, simply because they don’t adhere to a certain aesthetic standard. We are convinced that our nose is too big or that our jaw is too square and not very fine or that our eyes have something wrong. Taking a completely unrealistic image as an example, we accustom ourselves to thinking that we are wrong.

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