Natalia Kawalec from The Voice Kids like Lady Gaga and Beyonce. She had a real honor

Natalia Kawalec
Author: YouTube / Natalia Kawalec

Do you remember this extremely talented participant of The Voice Kids? Natalia Kawalec was the revelation of the third edition of the program. Preparing for the release of her debut album, the teenager successfully continues her musical career, as evidenced by her performance at one of the sports events in the USA. The greatest divas would not be ashamed of such a performance!

Natalia Kawalec from The Voice Kids she had a real honor. A talented teenager who has already knocked the coaches and spectators of the musical show on their knees during the blind auditions with her performance of a piece from Adele’s repertoire, does not slow down and is becoming more and more successful. In this case, we can even speak of international success. Cleo’s charge appeared during a baseball game played by two American teams, White Sox and Minnesota Twins. Natalia Kawalec was invited by the organizers of the sports meeting to sing the national anthem of the United States.

For a Polish woman living in Chicago, it was a real distinction, which – as she says – will be remembered for the rest of her life. After all, performing a hymn in front of tens of thousands of people requires a great deal of concentration and a great deal of talent. The world’s greatest music divas, including Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, P! Nk and Beyonce, who in the past have graced sports events with The Star-Spangled Banner, know it very well.

Natalia Kawalec sings the US national anthem

The biggest stars of the stage would not be ashamed of such a performance of the US anthem. Natalia Kawalec delighted everyone, putting a lot of heart into her performance.

It was a special event in my life for me. With emotion and pride, thank you very much! – she wrote under the video posted on the web.

Below we present a recording of Natalia’s exceptional performance and we are invariably keeping our fingers crossed for her next successes.

Hymns performed by the stars. Who Can Do and Who Can’t?

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