Natalie Portman in Rome: «My inspiration? Elena Ferrante»

He accepted the role ten years ago. What had attracted her?
«Women in science are often underrepresented so the idea of ​​playing an astrophysicist already thrilled me, let alone if I had known that she would become a heroine. The film is from 2009, the comic that clears the new appearance dates back to 2015, but I applaud the farsightedness of the screenwriters in having painted an incredible woman from the very beginning».

So was she surprised too?
«Yes, but because for the idea of ​​a blonde paladin in armor the first person you think of is certainly not a forty-year-old Jewish mother of two like me».

What did you learn about yourself on set?
«Even if I wouldn’t call myself a control freak, I like to arrive prepared and know what awaits me, instead here Taika did everything and more, she asked us to improvise different things with each take. Which destabilized me – it was getting harder and harder to stay serious during filming because both he and the cast have brilliant, infectious humor – but it was also liberating because I learned to let go more.”

Also as a director?
«Absolutely, indeed it is what I see in my future, even if I don’t have a ready project yet. I want to be able to use my voice. For 30 years I felt like water in a container that others modeled, that’s enough, I want to give the container the shape I want. That’s why I started producing. Now I’m working on the TV series Lady in the lake and I feel I finally have a say in the matter».

Who are the women who inspire you?
«One above all, Elena Ferrante. Women like her, with revolutionary, innovative and rebellious voices bring to light the female human experience in a liberating way».

Mighty Thor is fearless. What are you terrified of?
«From everything, to be honest: from Covid, from the crowd, from weapons. Jane, on the other hand, fears nothing.’

The tone of the film is hilarious. Has Jane figured out everything in her life and has she fallen in love with a man who makes her laugh?
«Absolutely yes… how can you blame her?».

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