Natalie Portman played a second role in Star Wars beyond Padmé, here’s which one

Padmé Amidala is a pivotal character in the events of prequel trilogy and the entire Star Wars saga, and as we all know is played by the beautiful Natalie Portman. But few know that the actress played another role besides Padmé in the saga: let’s see it below!

The second role of Natalie Portman

cordé star wars natalie portman
Natalie Portman as Cordé

Already within The Phantom Menace, due to the tensions arising after the blockade of the Trade Federation, it was immediately established that Padmé Amidala’s life would always be in danger. Towards the end of Episode I, it is revealed to us that Padmé she often exchanged with her maids to ensure the protection of the queen. All of Padmé’s key maids were played by actresses who somewhat resembled Natalie Portman.

However, in Attack of the Clones, Portman herself played one of Padmé’s handmaids, Cordé. As you may recall, Episode II opens with an attempt on Padmé’s life, but in reality it is Cordé who falls victim to the explosion for posing as a Naboo senator for safety. To make the public believe that Padmé’s decoy looked a lot like the former queen, George Lucas implemented the easiest solution: she simply had Natalie Portman play the same Cordé as the handmaid exited the ship. If you have never noticed it, it is because shortly before the explosion she is played by a stuntwoman, while after the explosion she was played by by actress Veronica Segurain the last moments of the character’s life.

Conception and development of the handmaids

sabe and padme regina amidala in star wars episode i
In the foreground Sabé, at her side Padmé dressed as a maid. From: wookieepedia

During the writing of Episode IV, in which Luke Skywalker was still Starkiller, George Lucas had imagined that Leia Organa had two maids that they resembled the princess and could replace her in case of need. This concept was never realized, but it was later reprized in the prequels with Padmé. During her days as both queen and senator, Padmé was followed by a group of 13 maids. Two of these died at the start of Attack of the Clones, Cordé and Versé.

Also Teckla Minnauwhich had a large development in the animated series The Clone Wars, died while trying to protect Padmé. Duja, whom we met in the novel Thrawn: Alliances, died on a solo mission. Five of them moved on to other careers, such as agriculture and music, after Padmé’s death: Dormé, Rabé, Eirtaé, Yané and Saché. Moteé and Ellé appeared in Episode III (Ellé in a deleted scene), while Karté in an episode of the web series Forces of Destiny, in which, however, she is played by a bounty hunter who had stolen her identity. In the end, Sabé, perhaps most important of all, tried to investigate the death of her friend Padmé. She plays a large role within the comic series Darth Vader 2020. And, final gem, few know that in Episode I was played by a very young Keira Knightley.

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