Nathalie Emmanuel is in addition to the new series of Quibi – Die Hart – Spoiler Time

itNathalie Emmanuel back to the tv!

The actress known for her work in Game of Thrones has been identified for a new television project on the platform Quibi. She will be added to Kevin Hart and John Travolta in the new series of short format Die Hart.

The series revolves around Kevin Hart, playing himself, trying to become a protagonist of an action movie will have to train for the role in a high-performing school led by a tough coach (Travolta) and where face a partner and strong opponent –Emmanuel– that will push it to the limit of its capabilities by supporting a series of action sequences hilariously exaggerated to give the best of themselves.

This new project is the responsibility of the writers Tripper Clancy (Acropora) and Derek Kolstad (John Wick). Eric Appel (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) will be in charge of the direction.

Die Hart you do not yet have a release date, although the platform Quibi and your first content will debut next 6 of April.

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