National Bank Open | “Energizer Rabbit”, solo and duet

top 10 That’s it, it’s good. top 10 Singles and doubles are better. That’s what Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula are currently doing.

Gough reaches Montreal with the wind in his sails. Winner of Washington tournament last week, she is ranked 7thI world rank. At 19, she is the youngest player in the top 50 in the world. The 29-year-old Pegula is yet to win a major or even reach a final, but his consistency has earned him 3 points for the time beingI World rank, his personal pinnacle.

But both Americans are also tied at 3I World Rank in Doubles. According to WTA data, she is ranked 13th since 2010.I and 14I Top 10 ranked players in both singles and doubles. She’s in good company on this list, which includes sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, and Samantha Stosur.

His condition is reminiscent of a trend that will have to be monitored between now and the Paris Games in July 2024. Gauff doesn’t hide it: Her investment in doubles is tied to the Olympic dream.

“My biggest dream is to win the gold medal,” she said at a press conference on Monday at the National Bank Open. And to be honest, in this case, I don’t care if it’s a singles or a doubles. A gold medal is a gold medal, while winning a Grand Slam tournament in singles is much nicer in singles than doubles. ,

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Coco Gauff won the Washington tournament last week.

So between now and the Olympics, I want to do my best to rank as high as possible to qualify for tournaments.

Coco Gauff

Of course, such a schedule comes with a tough workload. So far in 2023, Gauff has played 43 singles matches and 39 doubles matches. Pegula meanwhile has played 48 singles matches – 2I Total in WTA – and 38 in doubles.

In Pegula’s eyes, her young companion is the “Energizer Bunny”. “She plays every day, three times a day, it doesn’t matter to her! Charismatic player launched. But we like it, it’s an opportunity to improve in singles as well.

“It’s tough, but on the other hand, we’re both alike, we don’t like to sit there and wait. So it’s good to know that even if we lose in singles, we have one more chance to compete, one more chance to win. ,

Pegula and Gauff are the No. 1 seedsOh 1 double. The date of her first match is still unknown, but Gauff said she asked to start her singles tournament on Wednesday, as she will play until Sunday in Washington.

saber and bill invite themselves

The ease in front of the camera is also similar in both the players.

For example, Pegula starts talking about Saber and Bill. His parents, Terry and Kim Pegula, own the Buffalo Bills, and Terry also owns the Seabreams. So she inevitably has an affinity for the pearl of western New York State.

Photo Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports Archives

jessica pegula

I hope the Sabers win the Stanley Cup, the Bills win the Super Bowl and I hope to win the Grand Slam. All three, let’s go!

jessica pegula

Gough bluntly stated that she preferred Toronto “a little bit” to Montreal, “because it’s a more American city.”

“But Canadians are generally very nice and that’s probably why I’ve had success here. They are very respectful, so I try to sign as many autographs as possible, even in the rain like today. But I never know whether the fans speak French or English. This is my biggest challenge when I come to Montreal! ,

Poor revealed that she was trying to learn French through an application, as her physical trainer is French. “But my physio and my trainer are Hispanic. And my other coach, Brad (Gilbert), is from California, he has his own expressions. It’s as if everyone wants to teach me their language, and my brain is out of whack! ,

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