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Mexico City, August 7, 2023

*** The facility will reopen its doors to showcase national and international art for the 7th time.

*** This project aims to open up new spaces for screening other stories made for the big screen and reaching a wider audience.

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, through Cineteca Nacional, the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine) and the National Center for the Arts (Cenart), National Arts Theatera space dedicated to the exhibition of the best national and international film productions.

This was once a multiplex cinema in Chenar that was privately run and has been renovated to become a public institution, and as an extension of the National Cineteca, will house the diversity of cinema. In line with the operational axis of the Federal Ministry of Culture, it maintains the thematic richness and artistic and cultural diversity of Mexico as an axis and, together with other educational and cultural events, is not distributed commercially. .

At a press conference announcing the opening of the space, the Mexican government’s cultural secretary, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, said the administration supports the country’s film industry, from training filmmakers to exhibiting their work. emphasized.

“It is very important that the films are made and that the filmmaking is supported throughout the process, but it is also important that the films are seen, and for that we need to strengthen the screening channels and screens. For this reason, we are celebrating Mexican Cinema Day on August 15th, restoring a space that has been private for 25 years to the world’s best cinema and opening it with a special dedication and space for Mexican cinema. increase. .”

The country’s head of cultural policy stressed that the new film library in Senat will benefit visitors and create a meeting space between the different disciplines and schools in the center. This diversity can also be seen on the screen.

“This will be a great field like a great canvas for audience development, but above all it is also important for human rights and cultural rights that need to be guaranteed more and more. is entitled to a good film that reflects our Mexico and our world.

Meanwhile, Cineteca Nacional Director Alejandro Pelayo Rangel commented: . It is true that we were able to provide this space after very good negotiations, and in fact another important point is that we do not intend to repeat the film library program, we intend to expand it. That’s it. ”

About the film to be screened, he said: “Our priority is the cinema and often we can’t find a screen, we need a dedicated space for the international premieres, the cycle and the festivals you attend to give this cinema an edge. Already” accustomed . So we grow. We won’t repeat that. ”

Commenting on the special billboard celebrating Mexican cinema that will be held for the first month, Imusine general director Maria Novaro Peñarosa commented: “On Mexican Cinema Day, we have turned this day into a month of celebration, a moment when more films are made than ever before in history. provide and guarantee the right of Mexicans to see their films.”

Billboard celebrating national cinema

The restoration of the National Arts Theater will open up an important space for domestic cinema. Therefore, for one month from August 15, 2023 to his September 15, this billboard will be dedicated to celebrating the diversity of voices and stories that make up modern Mexican cinema. The feature will be completely free for his first week. 2×1 tickets will be on sale for the remaining three weeks.

The program includes classics of Mexican cinema.Stories that explore social phenomena such as migration anime movies home is somewhere else, by Carlos Hagerman and Jorge Vilalobos.New proposals from indigenous filmmakers such as i have no placeby Isis Ahmad Monroy and many others.

There will also be a retrospective commemorating the filmography of the first actress Maria Rojo. red dawnby Jorge Fons, and its restored version Maria of my heartby Jaime Umberto Hermosillo and others.

In addition, the great tradition of Mexican short films will be on display, including works produced by the Center for Short Film Production (CPC) during the digitized 70’s and 80’s.

This film offer is part of a program to celebrate Mexico’s National Day of Cinema from August 15 to 21, 2023. This week, 22 of his feature films and 19 of his short films will be screened at 60 venues in his 20 states in Mexico. Republic (250+ features); also available on his Imcine platform, FilminLatino ( on 27 TV stations (360+ transmissions) including MX Nuestro Cine (Channel 22.2).

At a press conference, Cenart Director Antonio Zúñiga Chaparro applauded the center’s new partnership with Cineteca Nacional and saw it as an opportunity for the student community of the schools located within the architectural complex. Learn and discuss the topics that appear on your screen. “We are also very happy that we will soon have an outdoor cinema program in the green space of Senar, where everyone is welcomed and welcomed.”

Renewed to welcome new viewers

It consists of 12 exhibition halls, 3 of which are equipped with 3D projection systems and can accommodate a total of 1,300 people. National Arts Theater It will be managed and operated by Cineteca Nacional. Service hours are Monday through Sunday until 10:00 am.

In the renewal, we changed the images, improved the projection and audio equipment, and improved the guest rooms and seats to make it easier to see. Additional spaces such as a cafeteria, soda fountain, and pergola for food areas have also been modified. Necessary maintenance was also carried out for common areas. lobby, candy store, corridors, elevators, and facilities for those who need to use escalators. The parking lot has also been renewed, and it is now possible to accommodate 994 cars.

Along with these changes, Cenart will extend the closing hours and allow the internal use of the gardens by visitors to the National Arts Theatre.

Housed in the National Center for the Arts at Rio Churubusco #79, the building dedicated to cinema was constructed in 1994 by National Oblas y Servicios SNC (Banoblas) and a private film company. In 1995, this private company was granted permission to use and commercially exploit the cinema sets and equipment on this property for 15 years (ending in 2010) and another 12 years (ending in 2022) under the new interest. was given. To date, the deadline has been met. This is why this space has given way to being public, with the aim of continuing to enrich the domestic film production, as characterized by the work axis of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico.

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