NATO-Russia talks. Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to NATO: The de-escalation of tension on the part of the Kremlin is still not in sight

Poland wants the North Atlantic Alliance to stress at the NATO-Russia meeting that it does not agree to aggressive actions by the Kremlin; I hope that the allies will speak with one voice on this matter, said Tomasz Szatkowski, Polish ambassador to NATO. In his opinion, however, the de-escalation of tensions on the part of Russia is still not visible.

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– We are looking for opportunities for dialogue with Russia in areas where such a dialogue would be important to every sensible actor in international politics. It is about issues such as transparency of operations, implementation of existing disarmament agreements or confidence-building measures, areas that can also be discussed at the OSCE forum – points out Szatkowski.

NATO will speak with one voice?

According to the diplomat, NATO-Russia talks should not become the basis or a pretext for questioning certain foundations of NATO’s policy or “lowering the membership status of some Alliance countries. “They should not divide NATO,” he added.

The meeting – as he said – will not end with any declaration.

– The Russia-NATO Council is an area of ​​dialogue, but not of negotiation. Poland wants to emphasize that we do not agree to aggressive actions by Russia. We will communicate this position to the Russian side. The point is to express a common position that we do not agree to aggression against Ukraine, but also aggressive actions against, for example, Georgia, or hybrid and cybernetic actions against our allies. I hope we will speak with one voice on this matter, ‘he said.

As he emphasized, the determination of the Alliance in this matter will be of great importance for building security in the world. – This will also affect the situation in the Pacific region, the attitude of China, which the US is afraid of in this area, he explained.

Szatkowski added that the course of the Wednesday meeting will decide about NATO’s further steps in the matter of Russia.

Russian troops near the border with Ukraine

– The talks may also translate into the agenda of Poland’s presidency in the OSCE. We can outline the areas around which we will work in the OSCE forum, he stressed.

Szatkowski notes that the de-escalation of tensions on the part of Russia is still not visible. – The concentration of Russian troops on the eastern border of Ukraine is still ongoing. We are talking about holding a gun to Ukraine’s head. However, we hear a change of position. Russia points out that progress in the talks is possible. We will see what is behind it – he concluded.

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