“NATO will stay away from the conflict. Nobody wants a nuclear war” – Chronicle

On Ukrainian soil, the Great Mother Russia launches an all-out offensive, while tension rises like high tide in the Situation room of the countries that revolve around NATO. Borders burn on the Eastern front. To what extent does the Atlantic Alliance risk involvement? We ask General Marco Bertolini, paratrooper, former commander of the Special Forces and first Italian officer appointed chief of staff in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Why were Sweden and Finland, external to NATO, invited to a recent summit? “Russia, in fact, protested. NATO is a creature of the United States which is working to encircle Russia, from the Baltic countries down”. A film already seen. “As long as Gorbachev and Yeltsin were there, Russia made more money. Putin revitalized the armed forces and reinvigorated national pride. And he doesn’t want to be surrounded.” Should NATO take into account clashes on the Baltic borders? “It will do everything to avoid it because there are no conditions. Ukraine is out of NATO. It is certain that Russia is not giving in and sees the approach of Finland as another threat. The US is pushing for a re-edition of the Cold War. and Europe in this sense risks being a battlefield “. NATO strengthens on the Baltic borders, in Poland, Romania. “These deployments on the ground and with Air policy interceptors have always existed. It is obvious that now they are increasing”. Is there a risk of nuclear drift in the event of a war accident between Alliance men and Russians? “Some skirmishes are theoretically possible, albeit unlikely, but no one is worth a nuclear conflict. It is the last resort.” Yet the world is afraid. “Precisely because they are US and Russia nuclear powers they never came directly to blows. They risked the Cuban missile crisis. Then stop.” How …

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