Natti Natasha’s bikini can’t with that much! Photo with bomb

It is no secret that one of the factors that have led Natti Natasha to be one of the artists of the moment is her sensuality. The artist knows very well that, apart from her prodigious voice, she has a figure that arouses passions.

A figure of which she has no problem showing off whenever she can. If one walks through her Instagram, she will realize that everything that is sensuality and provocation is more than welcome.

And is that Natti is one of the artists who best use social networks in that regard. She knows very well that, regardless of her spectacular performances on stage or in her video clips, on Instagram, she has a very powerful weapon to continue expanding her fan base.

Natti Natasha’s bikini

That is why on many occasions we see her wearing a series of models that, as expected, do not leave anyone indifferent. Quite the opposite. And this one that we see next is one of them.

In this case, Natti poses with a velvet bikini that perfectly relieves her curves. Curves that, of course, have generated many comments. As expected, none of them is negative. On the contrary, her fans are delighted to see Natasha with models like that.

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Lo prometido es Deuda ! Para cerrar el COMO ES #quetirepalantechallenge de la Domi 🇩🇴 Diganme rápido !

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Some comments that do nothing but reaffirm Natti in that path she has taken in terms of sensuality and risky models. If she continues to succeed like this, nothing suggests that she will change. And her followers, of course, delighted.

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Esperando el año nuevo 🏝🐍

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