Naughty Dog and a new team develop a game from a “much loved” series –

It seems that Naughty Dog is a new team inside the PlayStation Studios are collaboratively developing the new game of a “much loved” seriesbased on the description contained in a job advertisement that could refer to the new chapter of a well-known franchise within those PlayStation.

We had already seen that PlayStation is creating a new development studio with Visual Arts Group and Naughty Dog and from this team, which seems to be based in the Santa Monica area, an interesting return could emerge for PlayStation fans. In this case we refer to another job advertisement for a Game Design Intern, from which other vague details can be gleaned.

“We are currently collaborating on a fantastic new project with Naughty Dog on a much loved franchise,” reads the announcement posted by this new team in the Santa Monica area, which appears to be the studio built together with Visual Arts Service Group.

Whereas the latter has previously collaborated with Naughty Dog on the series Uncharted, the suspicions fall mainly on this. Last year, a Bloomberg report also made it clear that Visual Arts intended to create a remake of the first Uncharted, but that the project was deemed too expensive in terms of money and labor.

Efforts were therefore shifted to The Last of Us Part I remake, which came out this year. Having archived the latter, it is not excluded that the team can now rethink Uncharted, also because it would correspond to the description of a particularly loved franchise by Sony PlayStation and which has to do with Naughty Dog. We therefore await further information in this regard.

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