Naveen Andrews narrates the Disney+ series with Amanda Seyfried

The Dropout is the new original Disney+ show that sees the well-known actress as its protagonist Amanda Seyfried – don’t miss the official trailer of The Dropout and also the Disney+ series of May 2022. The serial operation is based on the podcast of Rebecca Jarvis and traces the story that has not yet ended Elizabeth Holmes, a scammer who stole contracts and investments from important pharmaceutical companies to be able to finance her revolutionary invention that saw a single drop of blood succeed in decreeing a diagnosis and a consequent cure to those who underwent it. A real attempt to do good turned into a deception on an impressive scale, which saw the woman abandon ambitions and good will to be able to achieve the success to which he aspired.

During the episodes of The Dropout the story of Elizabeth Holmes is enriched by the personal and romantic side of the character, which is joined by the interpreter’s Sunny Naveen Andrews. An older man who embarks on a love affair with the protagonist. On the occasion of the release of the series created by Elizabeth Meriwether we interviewed the actor who told us about the work done within the show, from the relationship between Sunny and Elizabeth to the meaning of their union.

Our interview with Naveen Andrews Sunny, your character, has a really close bond with the protagonist. How did you work together with your colleague Amanda Seyfried on this relationship?
Naveen Andrews: The most precious thing about this work done together is that we decided from the first day of shooting to make sure that we bring back the strength of the unity between the characters. What we immediately asked ourselves was therefore what kind of relationship there was between the two and how we wanted to convey this depth and intensity. It’s certainly a challenge, because you can’t know from the beginning if what you choose is the best way to approach this type of relationship. But based on Elizabethe Meriwether’s script and seeing how it was then reported between the texts of the trials and the conversations between Elizabeth and Sunny, I was relieved, because I believe that this was the right path. One of the characteristics of your character is that you are very protective of Elizabeth. What do you think of this side of Sunny?
Naveen Andrews: There’s different ways of seeing Sunny, there’s how he presents himself on the surface, but what was most interesting to me is what was going on inside him. Behind what he showed to others. And I think deep down he was hiding a great insecurity that nobody expects, maybe not even himself, and that is really intriguing to be able to play. Do you think this inner aspect of hers is also due to the character’s heritage and origins?
Naveen Andrews: Surely. I was born in Europe, so in terms of thought I feel close to the European one. And this can only be different from those born on another continent. For this what I had to work on was what motivated the Sunny and that in this way allowed him to express himself.

From business to lawsuits to love The Dropout it is a story of successes and failures. What do you think captivates audiences about these stories that see the rise and fall of their protagonists?
Naveen Andrews: It is a question that draws on historical antecedents. Are these entrepreneurs, for lack of a better term, supposed to have unlimited power, wealth, and influence over the way we live without bearing any responsibility? It’s right? I think it’s a legitimate question. Finally with the series we see the usual theme of love and what we are willing to do for the latter. What is your thought about it?
Naveen Andrews: This is the romantic aspect of the story between Elizabeth and Sunny. I find my character hopelessly infatuated with women. And that’s my personal opinion, but I’m convinced that he’s still in love with her despite the trial. For this reason the question is precisely: what would you do for love? What are you ready to do for the one you love? How far are you willing to go, even when the bar is very high?

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