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Tomasz Nawotka made his debut in the first team of Legia Warszawa, entering at the end of the cup match with Motor Lublin. The 24-year-old player found his way to Łazienkowska … seven years ago. However, after three seasons in the reserves, playing in the junior Champions League, he was loaned to Zagłębie Sosnowiec and Slovakia’s Zemplin Michalovce. In the current competition he represented the colors of … the Legia’s third-league reserves.

In view of the staffing problems of the first team, as well as a good attitude in “Dwójka”, Marek Gołębiewski moved the defender under his wing. As a result, Tomasz Nawotka made his debut for Legia.

– It’s been a few years, but I’m glad that this moment has finally come. I felt like I entered the pitch confident. I made some good moves and felt confident. Coming to this club, I dreamed of a debut. I’m glad it finally came true. I joined Legia when I was 17, from the third league Sokol Ostróda. After so many years we managed to make our debut, but I hope it is not the end – said Tomasz Nawotka after the match.

– It seems to me that when someone conscientiously approaches his duties and does his job well, such coaches as Marek Gołębiewski quickly appreciate it. I am glad that I was able to debut under his leadership. I have only reasons to be happy. We won and advanced to the next round. We got into the game badly and we conceded a goal quickly. The pause caused by the firing of flares and the break after the first half shook the dressing room. Came to believe that we could turn the tide of the meeting. We came here to win and no other scenario came into consideration. We mentally won the second game in a row and this is probably the biggest one, because I would have pointed out our problem here before.


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DRG – 6 hours ago, *

And good, maybe he is not a player for the Euro cups, but he should be enough for weaker teams from the league and PP. The most important thing is motivation and commitment


Michael) – 7 hours ago, *

Tight Tomek! Tightly!!!!


Arek – 8 hours ago, *

And he did not play in the league by any chance? It seems to me that already in Zagłębie Sosnowiec.


Derwall – 9 hours ago, *

I can see that most of the writers here dream that Legia plays in the 3rd or 4th league, no matter how the game is played, that ambitious Poles play (although with this ambition it is also weak when looking at the achievements of two) question from a different barrel, although some analogy is, Who of the writers rides it is true that it is an old, nondescript, poor one, but always a Polish car? because it’s better than some foreign shit


salmon – 9 hours ago, *

It’s not about age, but about what you’ve achieved so far. The guy is 24 years old and made his first appearance. Not even in the first league, but in the PP against the second league. If he were at least good, he would have had some rounds in Silesia or other Vistula long ago.
Sorry, Tomek, but this is how it looks. Nevertheless, I keep my fingers crossed for you to lead me out of my mistake with your game.


Hmmm – 9 hours ago, *

@ salin: Let me remind you of the name Warchol


Marmot666 – 8 hours ago, *

@ salin: or a certain Grzegorz Piechna;)


Xxc – 1 hour ago, *

@ salin: he should have played a few years ago. Unfortunately, he never got the chance and was thrown from club to club. He lost years and development opportunities and it was going to be really cool …


Juri – 14 hours ago, *

Great game, bravo, go ahead boy.


Rustic – 17 hours ago, *

Well, a cooler guy who has L in his heart and has been sitting here for a long time than a foreigner, which is a shame …


Jasio – 17 hours ago, *

@Maciek: It is a pity that Nawotka has not been young for a long time.


your father – 15 hours ago, * ..

@Jasio: What is he playing with peselas or skills? He can be 55 years old, if he is fighting and committed, let him play.


Sputnik 44 – 14 hours ago, *

@ Your old man: exactly! Even if his skills allow him to be only a substitute, I prefer a Pole who identifies himself with the club on the bench than, for example, Rose or other inventions …


NS – 13 hours ago, *

@Jasio: I’m his age and I feel young!


Wolfik – 13 hours ago, *

@Sputnik 44: That’s right.


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