NBA 2K20

Steam users who bought NBA 2K20 are literally enraged because of its micro-transactions and many other problems.

NBA 2K20 is being bombarded with negative reviews on Steam due to its microtransactions and some other problems, including the excessive similarity to NBA 2K20. One of the reviews ironic about the game stating: “10/10, they put a basketball mini-game in one of the best gambling simulators on Steam”.

When we talk about excessive similarity we mean instead that by pressing ALT + TAB, the game icon with NBA 2K19 written above appears in the taskbar. The accusation is clear, given also the substantially identical gameplay: NBA 2K20 is a mere copy/paste of the previous chapter, but with more microtransactions.

Other problems encountered concern the and the lack of support from 2K, which as always on PC is not doing anything to fight the hacks, with the online that is now full of cheaters. Add to this the many and continuous uploads that someone has ironically called a ‘Loading screen simulator’.

In short, from the point of view of PC players on Steam NBA 2K20, it is a complete disaster, so much so that the current average of reviews is ‘mostly negative’, with positive reviews that are very few and often used to make irony.

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