NBA 2K20 on PC is not convincing the players who are slaughtering it with very negative votes, so much so that it is the second-worst game ever on Steam.

According to user reviews, currently, NBA 2K20 is the second worst game ever on Steam.

We had already reported problems with the PC version of NBA 2K20 and how the game had caused a bombardment of negative reviews. In the meantime, the situation has deteriorated enormously.

At the time of writing this news the reviews of the game are 1,892 for an overall judgment ‘Extremely negative’, with only 15% of the votes received by the game positive and the remaining 85% negative.

According to the Hall of Shame of the Steam250 website, worse than the NBA 2K20 it only did Flatout 3: Chaos with 14% of positive votes and the remaining 86 negative. It must be said though that while Flatout 3 is an old and dead game, NBA 2K20 has been launched recently and therefore still has room to get worse.

What are these negative judgments due to? As already reported, above all to the micro-transactions, but also to the lack of online support, with cheaters that rage undisturbed, and to the excessive similarity of the gameplay with that of NBA 2K19.

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