NBA 2K24: Here Are The Key Changes To Remember For MyCareer Mode And City

NBA 2K24 is set to release on September 8th. The famous basketball simulation has recently unveiled the news for its most popular game mode, MyCareer. Also new city design. the explanation.

A new era begins. On September 8, the next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series (S and most popular, will evolve throughout the year. And this year, it is the seaside atmosphere that awaits fans of the orange ball.

Another video has been released to explain the new concept of affiliation. This season, two options have been introduced: Elite and Rise. Beware, this option is far from trivial, as with the return of “relegation” – i.e. a progression system that depends on matches played/won – it will be impossible to change affiliation in a progression season without that hard defeat – Earned “Rep”. The Elite Allies cater to defensive and long-range shooting oriented profiles, while the Rise will be for builders and finishers.

Goal: To be a legend

Perhaps inspired by the arrival of Victor Wambanyama in the NBA, your player story in MyCareer will be the story of the world’s greatest basketball prospect of the last 20 years (since LeBron James). The aim would be to create a series of on-field exploits, especially during key matches against the league’s other superstars, winning trophies, starting with Rookie of the Year. Then become the MVP of the NBA, or lead your team to the title. It’s about being, quite simply, the best player in history, the GOAT.

A personal quest called “Streetball” will provide a new experience outside of your NBA career, this time on three courts spread across the city where you will challenge the bosses, overcome the most formidable teams on the playing field and win To be successful will be the heart of the spectators present around the field. Each time, there is the presence of an MC (who comments on the activities with his microphone) and a DJ who sets the mood.

create your own player

Of course, the prerequisite for a good experience in MyCareer mode is to successfully build your player with the “MyPlayer Builder” tool, which allows gamers to create the star of their dreams. There are new badges appearing this NBA 2K24, and it’s clearly not easy – especially for novices – to understand all the intricacies of creating a player. Especially the operation of the badges, which this year, will present certain conditions for their progress. Or the importance of qualities has increased.

Also, in France, we will mention two essential Youtubers – Xortek and BlackyGotGame – to help fans from the most experienced to beginners to avoid errors and uncover the complexity of the construction system to ensure entertainment . Because there’s nothing worse than wasting time developing your character, only to realize that some features will be inaccessible due to the options you’ve chosen when using the “MyPlayer Builder” tool.

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