NBA. Green only played a few seconds, but the bookmakers lost millions

Green has a calf injury and after warming up, he and the doctors decided not to play. However, he remained in the top five because this match was special for him. After over 30 months of break and serious injuries, Klay Thompson was returning to the squad. So Green went to the court, but quickly fouled his rival and sat on the bench. It was not a surprise, as the club informed about it on Twitter just before the match.

Some fans reacted very quickly and spent large sums on bets on whether Green would exceed a certain number of points or rebounds in this match. These bets disappeared from the offer in a matter of moments, so there was not much time to put the money, but some did. Some major US bookmakers (such as FanDuel and BetMGM) paid out the winnings immediately.

DraftKings did a different thing, looking for a long time to consider the situation and considering it as betting on an event that is already known. Ultimately, on Tuesday (the match took place on Sunday), the announcement announced that an unusual solution had been chosen. All coupons containing bets on Green’s performance below a certain statistical limit were considered winners. According to ESPN information, DraftKings will pay out a total of over one million dollars. At the same time, however, bets (probably before the Warriors message about the symbolic performance of the basketball player) that Green will exceed certain limits, e.g. points or rebounds, got a refund.

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