NBA: James got back into the game and called attention to a serious problem for the Lakers

It’s hard to be happy when your team is losing when you come back to the floor after absenteeism for a few matches. The Los Angeles Lakers hit the Boston Celtics last night who need victories like oxygen. The guests had no answer to the rushing Jayson Tatum.

Leader Los Angeles Lakers he has lost eight previous matches of his team due to an abdominal injury. The team had a record of 3-5 during this time, alternating better performances with worse ones. The night before LeBron James returned to the dance floor but was unable to help his team enough. Jayson Tatum he tapped the Lakers defense 37 points and led Boston Celtics to an important victory in front of his own audience.

James spent 32 minutes on the court and recorded 23 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. He hit 10/16 in the game and 3/7 from a distance. Immediately after the match, he referred to the current form of his team. The Lakers, with a balance of 8-9, are currently in the 9th place in the Western conference table. – We definitely need to play better. We have 65 games left, but we can’t put anything off – admitted the 4-time champion NBA.

This is not a reason to panic yet, but every time we come out on the dance floor we must be ready to fight Continues LBJ. It’s a completely different tone to the one it uses Russell Westbrook. The Lakers quarterback repeats all the time that the team is “looking for their optimal play”. In his words, James emphasizes that the narrative around the team must change, because for now the Lakers, instead of fighting for the championship, must focus on the fight for the playoffs.

So it turns out that the lack of intensity in the game is the biggest problem the Lakers face right now. Fans have also been paying attention to this recently. The body language of the Lakers is also disturbing when the game is not going as planned. You get the impression that they give up very easily. This is a deeper problem and it will be largely the responsibility of LBJ as the mental leader of this team to fix it.

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