NBA: Surprise, LeBron James Rejected


NBA: Surprise, LeBron James Rejected

Published on August 8, 2023 at 02:35 pm

If he would thrive under the Lakers’ colors next season, LeBron James was once the subject of rumors that he would be sent to the Mavericks, where he would find one of his former teammates, Kyrie Irving. When asked about potential interest in King, Dallas franchise owner Mark Cuban said he was not interested, as he had Luka Doncic on his team.

In a context where its future was still uncertain, Lebron James There were many rumors regarding his future during the month of June. after losing against denver nuggets In the Western Conference Finals, choose one He said he needed time to think about the rest of his career and possible retirement. From, Lebron James It was confirmed that he would be there for the resumption of the NBA next October.

Irving Wanted To Keep LeBron James With The Mavs

While his future was still hazy, Lebron James was declared specifically in the sights of the Mavericks, as indicated athletic, Kyrie IrvingThe one who joined the Texas franchise last February would have tried to pacify his former teammate, with whom he was an NBA champion in 2016. cleveland cavaliersto join him Dallas, , If Dallas offers Luka Doncic for James, then yes, it’s safe to say that someone at the Lakers will be listening. But other than that, the Lakers aren’t going to trade James to the Mavericks. “Declared jovan buhafor journalist athletic,

“No, we have a guy named Luka Doncic”

absolutely, together luka doncic in their range, maws not interested in Lebron James, In any case, this is what the franchise owner said, mark cubanin the show really good podcastrelay on youtube, , Lebron James. I’ve forgotten. but I like it. Is he on the Mavericks team? , “, asked them bobby althoffTo which he replied: no he isn’t, he wants to be , are you trying to get it? “Chained the first influential person mark cuban does not add: no, we have a guy named luka doncic ,

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