NBA: Two new goals coming with LeBron James at the Lakers


NBA: Two new goals coming with LeBron James at the Lakers

Published on August 24, 2023 at 11:12 am

Following a series of excellent early signings from the NBA’s free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster has grown to 13 players as the front office contemplates what happens next. Los Angeles could sign two more players and will almost certainly sign one before the start of the season. And if some files take a long time, other files may come to life immediately.

As we know, the most obvious requirement for the Lakers is to find a pivot. if gm Rob Pelinka Accepted a few weeks ago, now the market is over in the NBA. yes there are still tracks Christian Wood, Blake Griffin And bismac biyombo but the first favors HeatLooks headed for another re-signing Celtics And the third may have been completely forgotten because at this point there is no rumor linking the Congolese to the Californian. That being said, new options will start to hit the market as many teams have more than 15 registered players and need to pare down.

Oklahoma sacked Usman Garuba

The first of these new options has officially hit the market and may be the best of the discontinued options: Osman Garuba, Garuba exchanged on thunder from oklahoma city On the trade of five teams earlier this offseason. He was clearly just a filler in the business and it was only a matter of time before thunder, which had more than 15 players, waives it. Although Garuba have capacity (so it makes sense for Los Angeles), the thunder The first zone had so much depth that it never got any minutes on OKC. Garuba Was selected with the 23rd pick in the 2021 NBA draft and is still just 21 years old. Old Big man Of real Madrid Hasn’t been successful in the NBA yet, but his career has been so short that he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself with the right team. for their part, Los Angeles Lakers Known to get the most out of players like Garuba And that’s what makes him such a compelling candidate.

A former Lakers back home?

A new opportunity should emerge soon for franchises interested in position 5, according to the largest US media Mavericks decided to cut javale mcgeea former purple and gold, An Option That Might Actually Appeal lakers – the player knows the team well – but it also means Christian Wood can return to Mavericks, Other than this Wood Recently he posted a picture on his social media in which he was in Dallas. Enough to fuel some speculation. In short, LA has more and more material to bolster its defenses. to be continued…

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